Farm Life Friday: Luke Bryan Farm Tour

We did it again! 
Wednesday night we got down on Longneedle Farm with Luke Bryan!
Those of you who know me personally know my obsession with Luke Bryan. 
The best thing about him is that he's from rural South Georgia.
Wait, all of South Georgia is rural...anyway...
If you've never seen him in concert you are missing out.
He is such a great entertainer, artist, musician, and vocalist. 
His voice is just as good, if not better, live than recorded.
And he can dance. I mean he's got the moves. In those jeans.
So, every fall he does a "Farm Tour" throughout 5-6 towns in Georgia.
One of those towns just happens to be the one we live in.
Literally, the farm the concert is held at is 4 miles from our farm.
You can't beat it. 
Luke went to college at Georgia Southern University, so he loves coming back to this area to play.
We didn't get there until 2 hrs. after the show started, which was fine because I really didn't care about seeing the opening acts as we had so much to do to get ready to leave for Knoxville early Thursday morning.
The concert was 1.5 miles down a dusty dirt road from where we parked...I almost turned around.
Until this really nice lady who lived on the dirt road offered to taxi us to the concert for $2.
We took her up on her offer. Thank you Jesus!
 Look at his teeth!
 Somehow the gate we got in was the backstage gate...not sure how that happened.
 If y'all haven't gotten his new album, Tailgates and Tanlines, you need to go and get it now!!
The song Muckalee Creek Water is the anthem to my husband's life. Him in a nutshell.
 Welcome to the Farm!!
 In love with him...
 He writes most of his songs and he plays a variety of instruments, both of which I love about him!
We had a blast just being out underneath the big South Georgia sky dancing and singing at the tops of our lungs. 
When we started the 1.5 miles walk back to the car, Brandon held his thumb out and a real nice bunch of rednecks let us hop on their tailgate to give us a ride.
Can I get another thank you Jesus?!
Seriously, I doubt anybody had to walk all that way in the dark because country people are nice enough to stop and give you a lift.
Until next year...I love you Luke Bryan!
And I'm on cloud nine because we just got our tickets to see Lady Antebellum in Savannah in late November....I can't wait!!!


  1. A girl after my own heart! We were going to attend the Farm Tour concert in Colbert but waited too late to purchase tickets and then they sold out! We saw him there a couple of years ago, and it was awesome! He truly is one of the best performers.

    Lady A will be fun! I have a Miranda Lambert concert on my bucket list!!

  2. Looks like a blast! I wanted to see him when he was in my neck of the woods but sadly I was out of town. Hope you and your hubby have a blessed birthday!

  3. I am so excited! I am going to see his Farm Tour show in Carrollton tonight! I went last year and it was awesome! He is such a great entertainer!

  4. Honey! I'm so jealous, looks like an absolute BLAST! Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  5. So fun! I love country music, and country concerts! Luke Bryan is so cute, and I bet you do love when he sings about Georgia! I know I love when songs mention Tennessee!

    Happy Friday!

  6. I know you had a blast - we're one of the presenting sponsors of the tour and our production crew was down there that night filming for next week! I spent a good chunk of my evening last night processing photos from his show into one of the site galleries, haha. I just love Luke. I've had the chance to interview him a couple of times and he's just such a sweet guy. And his teeth? They look 100x better in person!

  7. How fun! My sisters saw him last night just outside of Valdosta but I was at home with a little chunky bald man {Wyatt}. I loved catching him in Statesboro on the bar circuit and every once in a while down in Valdosta, too. Glad y'all had fun. Have a great weekend!

  8. so jealous...i refused to go see him at the bars in statesboro while i lived there, and now i can't seem to catch a concert :( looked like a blast!

  9. Glad y'all had fun! We went when he came a couple of years ago but couldn't make it this year :(

  10. Loooove Luke Bryan!!! Oh btw, I thought of you when I saw that the game was Vols vs. Dawgs- I was in Knoxville visiting family that day!

  11. I love Luke Bryan!! So jealous you got to see him! I'm hoping to see Lady Antebellum when they come to Augusta at the end of this month

  12. EEK I am so super jealous right now of you & Brandon needless to say! I so wish i could have been there! I just love love love Luke Bryan! I have tickets to see Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan together in concert which will be nice but def not the same as if it were in Savannah :( oh well i guess you take what you can get lol.... Glad to see you all had a great time :)

  13. Love. Me some Luke Bryan!

    Oh my gahhh haha.

    I would so be those random people trying to give yall a ride! Reminds me of the town I went to high school in, it's how country folks do haha love it!

  14. I absolutely LOVE Luke Bryan, we went to see him at a small bar back home. It was one of the most fun concerts we've been to!


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