Farm Life Friday: Bush-hogging

Brandon missed Wednesday night supper at church last week because he had to bush-hog. 
He gets off work at noon every Wednesday, which is fabulous, so he has to get in some work while he can since it's getting dark earlier and earlier.
The darkness...just one of the many things I despise about fall and winter months.
Anyway, someone at church asked where he was and when I told them that he was bush-hogging, they didn't know what that was...
so if you're one of the ones who doesn't know either, allow me to enlighten you!

 Basically, to bush-hog is to pull a giant mower (a rotary cutter) behind a tractor to cut down tall grass, weeds, briars, bushes, etc. in large tracts of land or pastures.
 It has to be done to every pasture or it will look horrible and overgrown. 
One of my biggest pet peeves is overgrown or neglected pastures.
Thankfully, Brandon can't stand it either.
 The worst part about it is how dusty and dirty the job is. 
I can feel the dirt and dust in the air just looking at these pictures.
 It's very important to bush-hog before sowing winter rye grass and the like, so that the new growth comes up evenly and beautiful.
 The dogs usually follow Brandon around and around the pasture, but Beauregard saw me and stopped long enough for a picture.
It was after dark when he finished, so I didn't get a final picture of what the pasture looks like after it's been bush-hogged, but when I take one I'll update. 
It does look a thousand times better, though!
Maybe you learned something new today, maybe you didn't. 
Either way, I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Farm Life Friday!
Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo


  1. I definitely learned something new today!!

  2. I find it odd for someone to not know what bush hogging is but I guess when we truly think about it not everyone is a southern belle. So i can see how some do not know. I know that for some they will enjoy this. I know what bush hogging is & i love the post because of the sweet pictures & bo has grown so very much...

  3. Very interesting! We don't live in the South or have those big pastures but we do live on 5 acres and have lots of TUMLBEWEEDS - I would love to Bush-hog those things, I dispise them. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend :D

  4. Definitely learned something new about farming. :) But then again I have a loooot to learn.

  5. I've learned how to bush-hog this summer! :) Got to love the south!


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