The Dillard House

On Sunday afternoon, Mama treated us to a late lunch at the Dillard House.
We eat here once every fall, so I guess it will be another year before we go back again.
The food was fabulous as always. 
It's family style dining, which means they just bring out dishes of everything they have and if you eat it all and want more you just ask for a reorder of something.
It's a flat cost to eat there, and each person gets one to go box, so you always get at least two meals out of it, which is good because it's a bit pricey for home cookin'.
I think it's $22 a person, not including a drink.
If you are local, like my Mama, you get a discount of around 25%, I think. 
It's the perfect mountain setting for a delicious meal.
Once you are seated at your table, the food just starts coming.
Before you know it there's not even room for your drink. 
Speaking of drinks-I love the handled mason jars they are served in!
Brandon was much too busy to smile at the camera.
He loves this salt cured ham, which is way too salty for my taste.
My plate.
Enjoying each other's company.
Mama and Terry
These are the views from the restaurant.
You can see Rabun Gap school comfortably situated on a nearby hill.
I love my sister.
And I love my husband, too.
I am really loving the gorgeous fall weather.
Mama and Sanford.
He's such a snuggle bear.
Brandon showed Tiffany how to whistle with an acorn.
Sanford snuggling with his Aunt Tiffy.
I really love these two together. They are kindred spirits. That makes me so happy.
I am so thankful for this weekend and how we got to spend some time with so many people that we love. It is so hard to delegate our time when we are home, so it seems like someone always gets left out. We hate it that it has to be that way, but we just try to make the most of the time we do get to spend with everyone.
I'm just grateful for these moments and the laughter we shared.
Thank you, Mama, for the wonderful weekend and for a delicious lunch!


  1. That food looks so delicious, yum! Love your sister's boots too, it is boot weather in IN for sure and I am on the hunt for some new cute ones! :)

  2. We love the Dillard House! We used to go every year for their 4th of July barbeque and fireworks display, but haven't been in a while. It looks delicious, as always!

  3. Just found your blog, and I'm loving all those good eats! Nice pictures too!

  4. I LOVE the Dillard house! We use to go every year on vacation on the way to the mountains!

  5. This is my all-time favorite area of Georgia. I will have to keep Dillard's in mind!

  6. We love the Dillard House too :) You're right...that ham is way too salty!

    The Rabun Gap school is so beautiful to me :) I went to camp there a few summers and have the best memories from there!

  7. My family lovesss Dillard house too! So yummy!

    Ps please ask your sis where she got the purple romper please mam? Thank you :)

  8. YUM!! That food looks amazing :)

    Spending time with family is always so much fun!

    ps. thank you for your comment back to me last week. it meant more than you know!

    hope you are having a wonderful fall day!

  9. Wow, looks beautiful. This is definitely a place we want to check out now! Looks like it's about 3.5 - 4 hours from Charlotte. Sounds and looks like a good destination for a weekend getaway.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Once again very jealous that seems to be alot when i look at your blog lol oh goodness me oh my! I just miss Savannah so badly but I love getting to see it again through your pages n pages of amazing photos it always puts a huge smile on my face when I am in a funk I always come to your page & look at the photos which always seems to give me a serine calmiing feeling! where is dillard house @? I do not remember ever seeing it when I lived there.... thats odd!


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