Dawg Fight

...That's what people always call the UGA vs. Mississippi State game because both of our mascots are the bulldogs.
Sanford in his new gameday outfit and chair before the game
 He was totally content to just sit in his chair and enjoy the weather and the company!
It was a gorgeous fall day in Athens!
 That's a touchdown!
During halftime I got to meet up with a blogger friend, Rachel @ Just Peachy, and she is just fabulous!
 She is a senior at UGA and minoring in Fashion Merchandising, which is what I majored in at UGA.
She is also from the same town that my husband and cousins are from. 
 Isn't she beautiful?! Our meet up was quick, but well worth it! I'm so glad it worked out! I'm sure we'll always be friends!
 We won 24-10.
One last family pic before we left.
 We came into Athens late Friday night and were so thankful to be able to stay with our dear friends, Jim and Holly and their kids. These are the little ones that I kept the 4 years we lived in Athens.
They were wonderful hosts and made a delicious breakfast before we all went to the game Saturday.
 Lilly and Landon are getting SO big and it makes me sad.
Of course, I'm happy to see all they are learning and how they are advancing, but I wanted them to stay little forever!
 We got an unexpected phone call from my cousins, who came into Athens Saturday night, to see if we wanted to meet up for dinner. 
Um, of course!
 Aren't they beautiful?
We went to Mirko and just enjoyed spending a little while catching up!
After we left Athens we drove up to my Mama's to spend the night so that we could spend all day Sunday with her before driving back down to South Georgia. 
We are so thankful we got to spend time with The Purcell family, Brandon's parents, a new blog friend, and my cousins all in one day!


  1. Sanford is the cutest! so fun to meet up with blogger friends. I am going to check out her blog. Have a good week.

  2. 1. I love Sanford's outfit! 2. I love love LOVE your boots. and 3. All your pictures are beautiful. What a great weekend! :)

  3. How cute is your little dog in his otufit!!!

    I love your dress girl, you always look so pretty!!

  4. What a great weekend !! You look so cute as always! How exciting to have met another blogger in real life! I'm going to her blog soon! Hope I will see you weekend of the 15th!

  5. Love your dress - you look so pretty! And that picture of your pup - too cute!

  6. I am loving that pic of Sanford! He seems to always be pretty content! I love how you all were dressed to impress in UGA wear :) Ps loving that dress where did you get that cute thing from? n it seems like you had a great time catching up :) have a great week!

  7. I love your boots in the first pictures! are they form target? I looked at some like that today! wonder if you liked them?!

  8. LOVE your dress! So pretty! I root for Georgia too! Honorary fan since I don't live in Georgia!

    I love your dog's Georgia attire too! SO CUTE!

    New follower! :)

  9. Oh My Gosh!! I love your dogs cute Bulldog costume!! Precious!

  10. Sanford is a photo model !
    And I like it,wearing cowboy boots ! In germany nobody wears them.If you would wear them with a skirt,everybody would laugh at you!But I think it s very nice.When I go to Florida next year,I will buy some original american boots.What are the best ones ????
    can you tell me ?
    greetings ,Esther
    ( estoth@web.de )

  11. Sanford has got to be one of the most adorable pugs EVER! I have a little pug Jesse and they (pugs) have such awesome personalities. Sounds like you had a good day!

  12. SO GLAD we got to meet up. :) Can't wait until the next time! :)

  13. Cute pictures! Glad y'all had lots of fun!


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