SEC Football Remembers 9/11

Saturday was one of those days where we packed so much in that I don't know how or where it all fit in.
Brandon had to work, so we got up at 6:30 to get ready to leave by 7:30.
Once we got to the clinic, Sanford and I took a 2 hour nap in Brandon's office.
After we woke up, I put on my make-up and changed into my gameday attire.
Though the clinic was open until noon, Brandon booked it and we were pulled out of the parking lot by 11:40 and Athens bound-200 miles from where he works!
We were in Athens by 3PM and parked by 3:30. 
On our way in we stopped by Kroger to picked up some fried chicken to hold us over, so we ate it before we started the trek to Sanford Stadium.
The Dawgs hosted the South Carolina Gamecocks at a 4:30 kickoff, which I am proud to say we made!
Brandon and me
My MIL and me
It was so great to be back in Athens playing football!
The Dome is an experience, but home field is tradition.
Thank goodness the boys were back in their tried and true uniforms and not those tacky Nike Pro Combat uniforms.
Much of the events were focused on 9/11 and honoring our troops.
Both of the university bands joined together on the field and played a heartwrenching version of Amazing Grace. I couldn't help but cry just reflecting back on the events of 9/11 while listening to such beautiful music. 
I thanked God that we were able to see schools play religious music. 
4th quarter hands
"Ready or not, here come the boys from the South!"

I can't believe I was able to capture this picture of Isaiah Crowell scoring his first NCAAF touchdown!
Despite the loss, we were much happier with the way the Dawgs played this week. 
Unfortunately, turnovers killed us. 45-42.
We also were happy to get to sit with old friends that we had not seen in years, Austin and Katie!
We are moving on and looking forward to next week!
After the game, we went to eat at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, La Parilla, with Brandon's parents.
Some of our best friends from vet school were there, Matthew and Breanna.
I was super excited to see them because I had just talked to Breanna on the phone earlier that day.
She was calling to tell me they found out that what their baby is going to be...a BOY!!
I am so excited and can't wait to throw them a shower to spoil the little prince!
After we finished eating, we went by our storage unit in Athens to get some of our tailgating stuff, and by the time we left it was close to 11PM.
Friends, we drove 226 miles and got back home at 3AM.
We saw 2,809,765,678 deer along the way. Thank God we didn't hit one.
Talk about a long day!! But, it was all worth it!
The real icing on the cake is that we made it not only to church Sunday morning, but to Sunday school, too!
We had a covered dinner lunch at church, which was so good!
Then I spent the afternoon with some of my new girlfriends just hanging out and having some girl talk outside on the patio by the lake.
Brandon napped and we went to bed early!
What a weekend! 


  1. Athens is one of my FAVORITE places to see a game, looks like y'all had a blast!

  2. I love that dress you have on, so perfect for game day! Oh and I have to agree with you I'm glad to see them back in their 'normal' uniforms, phew! xoxo

  3. 1. I love your dress. 2. I can't believe you got that touchdown shot either. Great job! 3. So glad you had fun!! :)

  4. Y'all have such a long drive! And I'm pretty sure I'm in that 4th quarter hands picture :)


  5. omg! we were like 2 ft away from each other!!! so sad we didnt meet up!!! what a heartbreaking game!!!


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