Moves Me...

Lord have mercy, I have always been a little obsessed with Lady Antebellum. 
Especially since the guys are from GEORGIA!!!
I really feel like their talent and style is unmatched.
Their third album does not disappoint.
It took me listening, really listening to the words of each song two good times before I fell head over heals.
Charles Kelly's voice is better than ever. 
Hillary's is just as fabulous. 
The words combined with the music are so poetic. 
My favorite track on the album is: "Somewhere Love Remains"
Charles Kelly's voice = oh. my. word. 
It absolutely moves me. 
Especially when he says, "I don't want to hurt anymore..."
my heart rate increases.
I also love: "Heart of the World", "Wanted You More" and "Cold as Stone."
Their music makes me want to live "Happily Ever After."
Like, if I were single it would make me want to get married and have a family and live the simple life.

I promise I'll have a more meaningful post soon-been crazy busy this week.
And I promise I am going to get caught up and comment on your blogs.
My Google Reader is outrageous!!
Just HAD to share this :)
Do y'all love it as much as I do-or is it just me?


  1. Now I am going to check out the rest of thier music... I love the ones on the hit list!

  2. I am going to have to get this album! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady A..they are really good live too :) Charles Kelly is heaven sent! HA!

    Glad I'm not the only one in the Blogging world who loves Country and loves Lady A!

  3. Yeah your not the only one super obsessed!! Loving them!

  4. apparently I've been under a rock b/c I did not know they had a new album out! I LOVE lady A! so glad you posted this and made me aware of it :)

  5. Im gonna have to go listen to their new album! I havent heard it yet!

  6. Love Lady A! I've been listening to "Heart of the World," "Friday Night" and "Singing Me Home" a lot. I randomly ran into Hillary in the parking lot of GAC once when they were in the studio filming a PSA. It was a moment. :)

  7. i really love country and southern (which is correct) music. And lady antebellum is lovely..


  8. Couldn't agree more! I blast Lady A in the car!!


I sure do love hearing from y'all-you make my day!