Maggiano's & UGA vs. Boise State

On Friday evening we loaded up and drove North to go home for the weekend.
 God shared a beautiful sunset with us on our way and watching it made the time go by so much faster.
 Sanford would switch back and forth between our laps while Bayla and Beau happily rode in the cargo area.
 I may be the only one who feels this way, but I don't think you should be able to pull this sort of "train" going down the road without some sort of a special license. A dooly truck pulling a large horse trailer pulling another trailer with a golf cart on it... how do you even begin to back up something like that?
 There isn't much on I-16, which I am grateful for because the traffic is never too congested.
 Approaching Atlanta means we are in the home stretch!! Only 50 more minutes until we get to Cumming!
We made plans to have lunch at Maggiano's in Buckhead on Saturday before tailgating and going to the UGA season opener against Boise State, which was held at the Georgia Dome/Chick-Fil-A Bowl.
We had a phenomenal lunch, as is expected when we go to Maggiano's.
A HUGE THANK YOU to Brandon's parents for a wonderful meal!
(We did the Family Style dining, which means we had a ton of food and the table was a little crammed, so I apologize for the food pictures not being "just right" :)
The four of us in our Dawg gear!
 crab cakes
 stuffed mushrooms
 spinach salad
 chopped salad
 shrimp and crab tropheo
 crab and shrimp cannelloni
 eggplant parmesan
beef medallions with mashed potatoes
 the very best cheesecake in the entire world-no lie-sorry Cheesecake Factory!
 chocolate zucotta cake-unbelievable!
After eating ourselves sick we moved onto tailgating at the Georgia Dome before the game.
We drove past the Varsity, which is an Atlanta original!!
 It really is a neat experience if you ever get the opportunity to eat there.
 It had been a while since these two country bumpkins had seen sky scrapers.
 Thank the Lord the parking pass Brandon's dad got was in the deck connecting to the Georgia Dome!
 Brandon and I ventured out to go and visit some friends at their tailgate while we were there.
 going into the Dome
The Dome has a really neat tribute to all the of the Georgia High School football teams...a huge wall with all the helmets of each school.
I found my Alma Mater....Lumpkin County Indians!

 We found Brandon's Alma Mater, too...North Forsyth Raiders! He wore this helmet well :)
 This is for my Ole Miss blogger friends...they had your game on in the women's restroom at the Dome. I thought it was funny :)
 Everything was going really well pre-game...
 even Herschel Walker made an appearance!
 From there the game went South...very disappointing.
 Some changes definitely need to be made on the coaching staff, in our humble opinions. 
We lost to Boise State 21-35.
We still had a great time despite the loss. There is no telling what next week will bring when we meet "Between the Hedges" to face South Carolina.
I hope your SEC team performed better than ours!!


  1. Definitely was funny that our game was on! Ha! What a sad, sad day for both our teams! Looks like such a fun weekend, though!

  2. We loved watching the FL game with the new coaching staff, but the game itself was a bit boring given the blowout score. I love all your pictures, you are so beautiful! I really like the last one of you and your hubs! :) Glad you had a good weekend, sorry for the GA loss!

  3. Wow, that is a really neat idea with all of the football helmets! Sorry for your loss, but you looked cute cheering them on!

  4. Okay seriously love your New header , CUTE!

    Um secondly , I've added maggianos to my list. That food looks yummy and as millions of times being in ATL I can't believe I haven't been there!

    Thirdly, i agree last picture is too cute of y'all!

    Fourthly, I'm an acc girl (gasp! I know!) but I secretly pull for Georgia and Alabama if I chose sec haha

    Hope your doing well! We need to talk soon :)

  5. All that food looks absolutely delish not going to lie... and I was sad to see bulldogs loose :( i do agree we need some better coaches :)

  6. You have the cutest dress on! Totally wish they had that in my Bulls colors!

    Good Luck with this season! So far our first game when good. Go Bulls!!!

  7. Love Maggiano's & love your dress! We went to our home opener, too, to see the Vols! :o) Have a great week!

  8. I almost bought that dress (to wear to our NC State games)!!! (Didn't have my size). Cute! :)

  9. first, LOVE your dress! so pretty!
    Maggianos is delicious! I watched the game and I was frustrated with it! I really thought they would pull it out in the end.

    Auburn won but it was WAY too close. I hope next weekend is better all the way around

  10. LOVE your dress! All the food looks amazing! YUMM! Go Dawgs! I'm an honorary fan ;)

    I'm a fairly new follower too! :)

  11. Great pictures :) Glad y'all had a fun time!

    I-16 is THE most boring road ever!

  12. New Follower! Looks like you had a super awesome weekend! Great pictures and you are beautiful!

  13. HOW WEIRD! I was so excited to find a fellow UGA fan and to find out your hubby is from the same county as me is just even better!! Haha I went to Forsyth Central!!

    So glad I could find some blogging friends close by :)



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