Happy Birthday to My Sister!!

Tiffany is 24 years young today.
I am so proud of her.
I'm proud of the person she's grown to be.
I'm proud of all that she has accomplished.
Believe me when I say she is the bomb dot com. 
 Her business is booming. 
Yes, she owns a hair salon. 
It's pretty amazing, if I must say so myself.
 Isn't she a doll?!
Yes, she is my full sister. 
I am 21 months older than her.
We have totally different styles.
We may not look a whole lot alike.
But, we have the same sense of humor.
We finish each other's sentences.
We sound exactly the same on the phone.
While she is more outgoing and vocal and I am more introverted and observant, we pretty much think the same way on most things.
I never know what new look she will be wearing when I see her, yet she can always count on me to look exactly the same.
Lame, I know. 
But, at least she can count on me, right?
 We have had our share of ups and downs.
But I can tell you this:
There is no one who knows more about what I've gone through and experienced in my life than her.
We share memories that no one else does. 
I love it when Brandon and I get to spend time with just her and her husband, Brad. 
Brad and I are very similar, while she and Brandon are very similar. 
The four of us just "get each other" and I am so thankful for the times we share.
Unfortunately, they are few and far between in this phase of our lives because of the physical distance.
She has grown up to be a beautiful and accomplished woman, but most of the time when I think about Tiffany, this is what I picture:
almost always wearing matching outfits (which I am a huge fan of, btw)
 wrestling on the floor
 loving on each other (and fighting, too)
cooking, playing dress up, fixing each other's hair
 beach trips-we share a love for the ocean
 front porch sittin' with our furbabies-not much has changed
 playing in the water
 obssessing over things like the Land Before Time
 holding hands and sleeping on sponge rollers
 fishing and playing outside
sleeping on each other in the car
 going to Tennessee games in Knoxville with our Daddy
 having tea parties with our Mama
 and so much more...
we also share a love for Pugs
 and laughter...we can laugh with the best of 'em!
I thank God for choosing Tiffany to be my sister.
Happy 24th!! I love you to pieces!


  1. So sweet! She is so beautiful! And I love the LBT pajamas. ;)

  2. I love the bonds that sisters have!!! That was a sweet post...she is so lucky to have a sister like you!

  3. This is the sweetest, ever. Sisters are such a blessing <3 Best friends that you get to live with :)

  4. what a sweet, sweet post! she is beautiful, just like you! wish she lived around here so she could do my hair!!!

  5. You guys are both so beautiful!
    And your land before time jammies are AWESOME.

  6. Such a sweet post, Cherish! Happy Birthday to your sister!
    And those childhood pictures? Adorable. I really love the one of y'all on the front porch with the big yellow cat, so cute!

  7. Sisters are just the absolute best! Happy Birthday to her!

  8. Tiffany is definitely someone to be proud of. She is such an amazing person and you both are lucky to have each other! Love the pics! :)

  9. I love great sister relationships, they really are the best! Happy Birthday to Tiffany!!!

  10. LOVE all the old pictures :) Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday to your sweet sister :) If she is anything like you seem to be I am sure she is great... That is so funny that you n her husband Brad are semi alike while her and Brandon are alike most could never say that! You too seem completely different but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that you both are lucky and blessed to have one another ;) have a good weekend

  12. How precious! What a blessing to have such a close knit relationship with a sister! ... btw, please pray for my family and me ... the lab we rescued ... well his owners showed up out of nowhere to reclaim him and I have been crying ALL night. I'm so devastated. Happy Birthday to your sis!

  13. Sweet summary! I loved the pictures and as I was reading this I thought of so many other things that ya'll share...You're both very special girls!

  14. What a sweet sweet post! How lucky you have a sister you are close to :)

  15. Y'all are so cute!! Happy Birthday to Tiffany!


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