Georgia Southern Football

We had a blast on Friday at the pep rally, tailgating and the homecoming football game! 
We didn't even get any pictures of us all before the game because everything was so crazy and the kids were going wild!! 
Just imagine face paint and hair paint...
Here are a few pics of the kids at the pep rally.
 Polly can't wait to be on the floor cheering like the big girls!
 I also treated them to Dairy Queen between the pep rally and tailgating :)
 Saturday morning Parker had 2 football games.
Our good friends invited us to go to the Georgia Southern football game Saturday afternoon, so we loaded up the truck with all the food and gear and headed out.
Georgia Southern University is only 25 min. from our house.
 We had originally planned to go to Oxford, MS to go to the UGA-Ole Miss game, but Brandon's boss went out of town so he had to work until noon on Saturday.
But it all worked out because we had a great time and we saved some vacation days and money.
It would have been a 10+ hour drive to Oxford.
 The Georgia Southern tailgating and football experience was much different than UGA's, mainly because it is so much smaller, but we had a fabulous time!
It was much more relaxing-I'll give it that!
 We had some delicious food at the tailgate!
 Lots of barbecue and all the fixins!
Our friend's boys and Brandon all had on the same Polo shirt-they were so cute throwing the football together!
 We took about 10 and this was the best we could do!
Banks, McClain, Brandon, and Bradley
 The Ladies: me, Christine, and Julianne
I have no blue and gold attire...may have to get some.
(I've already been asked about my top...it was $14.99 from TJ Maxx)
Dr. Daryl trying to divide out the tickets...
 Being able to sit in the grass is really neat, especially for the kids.
It's also kind of dangerous to be in the line of fire!
 We ended up leaving at half-time with all the kids and going back to Daryl and Christine's to watch the SEC night games on tv.
I think at half-time the GSU Eagles were beating Western Carolina 24-3, so it seemed safe to head out with all the worn out little boys.
 We had such a great time with fabulous friends!
 Banks said to McClain, "Let's play chicken fight!"
We all got so cracked up watching them.
I hope y'all had a great weekend, too!


  1. LOVE football/tailgating season!! Your top is adorable! Who cares if it isn't blue or gold?! ;) Have a great week! xoxo

  2. Love the tailgating food, the deviled eggs and cupcakes are so cute! Love your top too! :)

  3. Kids are adorable! Food looks divine and yummy! I want to know where you got your shirt! And chicken fight ....oh thats just hilarious! You looked gorgeous as always! Hope I get to see you in october :)

  4. I sure do miss my old blue and gold days! I love hearing the crowd roaring, "Whose house? OUR HOUSE!" I forgot to comment the other day about training the pups to stay away from the rattlesnake. I told Justin {my husband} about it and he said that was about the best idea he has ever heard. Kudos to y'all for taking the time to train them right and keep them out of harm's way!

  5. I absolutley love to tailgate..and I love football. What a wonderful weekend spent doing something fun! I am glad you had a lot of fun with good people! Your shirt is also very cute, I have never been in TJ Maxx but I think i will have to check it out if the clothes are all that cute. :) HA!
    -Ashlee Michelle

  6. Those football deviled eggs... OMG. First off they look delicious, secondly what a cute idea!

    And that last picture is just precious.

  7. What a fun weekend! I'm dying to go to a football game! The kids are so precious!

  8. GIRL....y'all were tailgating right across from where we parked! That's my white Acadia with the flags on it :) We got out there about 4:00 and then went up to the Bishop Field House since we have passes. I so wish I'd known y'all were right across from us!

  9. OH MY WORD. This is a small world. PCA is one of the teams we used to compete against in high school at cheer competitions and camps. lol.


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