Farm Life Friday

With our busy week we've made many farm life memories. 
 I got to go on a farm call with Brandon to treat a colic, which was a blast as always.
 "Oh, you know, just another day at the office...I have my arm up a horse's rear-no big deal."
 Bossman supervising from the farm truck...making sure we are all staying on task and doing our jobs.
 When we were leaving the farm call I noticed these old barns and houses in ruin. 
As much as I love history, I sure hate to see structures like this just crumble to the ground over time. 
 If I owned something like this I couldn't stand to pass by it every day in this condition.
I'd either restore it, or just tear in on down.
Treat it with some dignity, you know?
 Someone spent their whole life working the fields for these houses.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Such an absolute shame.
 Back at our farm the irrigators are running and the dirt is perfection.
There is nothing quite like the smell of wet, fertile dirt.
Side story: Brandon can never find anything. If I had a dollar for every time he asks me where something is I'd be a millionaire. Seriously. He has lost his wedding band and his UGA watch again. The second wedding band he's had, mind you...that's another story.
Anyway, it amazes me how he is unable to locate the ketchup in the fridge, his keys and wallet, his pocket knife-which he's lost again, too.
But, he has no problem seeing where a golf ball lands a few hundred yards from where he hit it,  or spotting a deer, a hawk, a snake...any kind of wildlife.
I think it's a man thing. 
Either way, boy does it tick me off sometimes! 

At Bible study last night when it came time to do our worksheets I got my pen out and he looked at me and said, "I guess you brought your own..."
Excuse me? Do I need to pack you a diaper bag? Seriously. 
But mark my words, we don't ever forget to bring the pistol when we travel. 
You know, just in case. (Savannah is super dangerous, after all.)
I'm glad he's a real man and all, but good grief-give me a break! LOL!
I do love him despite his flaws. I have plenty, too.

I digress. I've gotten waay off track here.
On the way home one evening, Brandon spotted this snake on the side of the road.
 So we rushed home to get the truck, a shovel, and the dogs.
Because he had a plan.
A man with a plan. 
And me along for the ride.
 You're looking at an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, my friends. 
A mean sucker.
 So the plan: to get the snake and go to the clinic-get the electric cattle prod (shocker)-let the dogs out-when they approach the snake, zap them. The point is to teach them to fear snakes. Some of you may think it sounds cruel, but I can assure you it is not. 
Having your dog get bitten by a poisonous snake is much more cruel than shocking them once.
And let me tell you, it only took once. 
Those dogs would not go near that thing after one shock. 
It literally took less than 5 minutes to accomplish.
 Now we know that the dogs recognize the scent of a poisonous snake and that they know the danger of one.
When you live out on a farm with a large pond where the dogs are free to roam and swim, you can be certain they will have a run in with a snake at some point. 
Brandon already treated 3 rattlesnake bite patients last week, and only one survived.
The one that died had been bitten 5 or 6 times in the face. 
Plus, treating a snake bite can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars with no guarantees.
So, when you consider a shock versus the bite, the shock isn't so bad.
And the dogs are 100% okay.
It's so important because the snakes are moving this time of year, especially with it being so dry around here.
 This has nothing to do with anything, but I passed this semi on my way into Savannah to get groceries and run errands last week. 
Love me some Darius Rucker!
In other news, we've gotten some thunderstorms and rain the past few days, which we are so thankful for. 
It's been over a month since it last rained.
I'm picking up all 4 kids from school early today and taking them to the pep rally!
Then we are tailgating and going to the game!
If we get rained out, we are all going to play Phase 10 :) 
Have a great weekend!


  1. Your Farm Life Friday posts are my favorite! I feel like I always learn a little something. And I definitely laughed at your little story about Brandon losing stuff, I'm sure it's not as funny to you but I got a giggle or two out of it!
    The idea to train the dogs to not go near snakes is such a good one that I'm sure y'all will be so thankful for in the future!

  2. Ick, I can't stand snakes! After being bitten by a rattle snake, I just can't even look at them! I am glad that 1. that snake is dead now and 2. your pups learned a good lesson in the process!

  3. Love the photos of the country! I miss it sometimes and I've always said I want to have a farm someday. I am a pretty big city girl but I need my fresh air hah

    And I've never heard of the shocking technique to get your dogs away from snakes! It seems like my dogs always go after snakes.. good thing there aren't many poisonous ones by me.

  4. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I'm loving Farm Life Friday...even though the snakes made me cringe. Eeeek! I'm so excited to be a new follower :)

  5. We have shock collars too, I don't think they're cruel because I think they actually work when training your dogs. That was a really good idea!

    Those houses make me sad, it's too bad they can't be torn down/rebuilt...

    Have a wonderful weekend

  6. I Love Farm Life Fridays! ha!
    That is a great idea to train your dogs like that..We've had snakes in our backyard before and our dogs back at them and try to eat them....but they know to stay away when it starts getting mad!

  7. That is a serious snake! Quick thinking to teach the dogs like that...scary! Happy Weekend!

  8. Oh honey my boyfriend is exactly the same about losing things as your husband is...but when it comes to something that interests him like fishing or duck hunting he is the most organzied person you have ever seen...i agree it must be a man thing.
    Thats an interesting trick you did with the pups...I am orginally from northern Alabama and use to live at a base of mountain and the snakes are just as horrible as they are in GA...I want to get a lab in the next few years and I will have to remember this trick!

  9. My husband loses everything as well. He is currently searching for the keys to his work locker... and I had to find the ranch for him in the fridge. lol Men!

  10. ha! Jonathan is the same way about forgetting/losing things! Boys ;)

    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  11. bleh I hate snakes! but at least you know your dogs are safe(r) b/c of finding one!

    I've been having tons of rain my area as well! thank goodness!

  12. When we lived in Claxton, my cat got bit by a rattler one night. He came home and looked like a little Chinese cat - his face was so swollen that his eyes were closing up. He got bit on the nose. My mama called our awesome vet in Reidsville (dr. steve), and he met us at 9:30 that night at the clinic, and they started an IV. Bubba (the cat) made it. Dr. Steve said that if it bit him on the foot, he wouldn't have had a good chance of living through it, but since it was on his nose, the venom didn't get to his heart as fast. In that yard where he was bit, some years before, they caught the biggest snake they ever had at the Roundup!

  13. Love your post today!
    Love idea how y'all trained dogs be scared of snakes
    ummm sanford looking out window is priceless

    I love yalls on call stories priceless, I have an old barn standing on our land aunt does too.....oh living in the country! Papa has one on other side of the creek so those pics are I can so relate ! Oh and have fun tonight whether football game or phase 10 !

    Ps Loveeeee Darius Rucker :)
    Getting so excited about visiting !

  14. Hahaha, you crack me up about Brandon losing things but always having his pistol! Bryce keeps a gun under the bed and showed me how to use it--seriously? Hehehe!

  15. It makes me sad too to see ruins that someone once worked so hard to even build to begin with. Breaks my heart for the honor of history's sake.

  16. I just love your Farm Life post! I loved every little thing on it this week :) but then again I normally always do....

  17. Just found your blog and have been just reading here and there. I agree, a snake bite is a terrible thing to experience with a beloved pet. We had one of ours bitten in the back leg several years ago and the vet truly thought he wouldn't make it. They took excellent care of him and he surprised everyone!

    And I am enjoying your blog. As a southern girl myself, I can relate.


    1. Hey Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to comment and introduce yourself! I'm so glad you are enjoying reading! I'm so happy to hear your pet survived the snake bite! Thank you again and I hope to hear from you again! Blessings to you! xoxo


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