Farm Life Friday: Sunsets, Swims, Smoke

I am happy to report that we have had absolutely beautiful weather here in coastal South Georgia this week! Highs in the mid 90s and lows in the upper 60s-low 70s.
 Not a cloud in the sky sunsets are pretty unusual down here. Normally we have some puffy white clouds dotting our skies.
 The tractor has been going every single day this week in preparation for fall.
 These two kill me. Bayla is a Lab through and through-she adores the water!
Brandon and I must be Labs, too :)
 These are what our sunsets usually look like.
After we watch the sunset we walk back down our driveway.
Sanford runs along behind the pack.
 Bayla and Beau decide they need another swim...
 At first the horses glare at them for getting in their water trough...
 but they go right back to their grazing, keeping their eyes on the pups, of course.
 The color of the sky against the crescent moon was just stunning the other night.
I tried to capture it so I could share it with you, but you just had to be here.
 We actually had a major fire in Claxton yesterday afternoon.
I was on my way to pick up the kids from school and drove right up on it. 
The fire trucks hadn't even made it to the scene yet.
 After I picked up the kids I drove them to see it, and by then the fire had turned into a spectator sport of sorts. The roads were lined with men and their trucks and tractors watching the show. The firetrucks were just arriving and there were airplanes and helicopters flying overhead.
According to the news, it is a wildfire and there are 3 counties trying to get the fire put out. 
Several homes have been evacuated and the fire dept. says they have it under control right now. 
The problem is that it is so dry and we haven't had any rain in so long and there is none in the forecast. Please keep us in your prayers for some rain! Happy Labor Day weekend!!


  1. Labs are the HAPPIEST dogs! I couldn't help but smile at their pictures! I hope you guys get some rain soon!

  2. Cherish! Your dogs are too cute! I love them and you and Brandon look so happy. Hopefully I will see you next Monday at the JLA meeting.

  3. Oh i just love your pups. Those sunsets are AMAZING!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet girl!

  4. Gorgeous sunset!!! I hope the fire didn't cause too much damage in the area. Your dogs are super cute... I'm definitely going to have to get a puppy soon especially if I keep visiting your blog!

  5. thanks for the pictures. I feel like i was there right with you this week :). And your lab is so darn cute. They are such fun loving doggies.


  6. Beautiful pictures as always :)

    There's been fires behind our school since the summertime :( I'm hoping some of this rain will help put it out!


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