Farm Life Friday: God's Promise

God's Promise
 I don't mind the fact that temperatures have still been in the 90s here.
But I have minded the drought.
So when it would thunderstorm or downpour for brief periods over the past few weeks, I welcomed it with open arms. 
I also welcomed the number of rainbows we saw afterward. 
 I wish I had a picture of each one I saw.
 The horses thought I was coming to take their picture...
and I really was-it was a two for one deal.
Except loving on them suddenly became more important than taking pictures of them. 
So, surprisingly, I resisted the urge to keep photographing. 
I just spent some quality time giving them some affection.
Looking into their eyes. 
A horse's eyes are my favorite part about them. 
They are so intuitive, and so am I, and I think that's why I have such a love for them.
So, due to the lack of more pictures, this is a short farm life post. 
But it's a real special one to me because it reminds me of a "moment."
My love language is quality time, so I love to give it when I can.
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. The rainbows and the horses are BEAUTIFUL! Let's go riding!! :)

  2. Beautiful horses! The light colored one is exactly the kind I wanted as a child! I love horses so much there's just something about their soul/personalities that is so relatable to human. It probably is the intuitiveness!

  3. Oh my gosh those horses are gorgeous!!

  4. I know what you mean about horses - horse sense, we've always called it. I grew up with horses and can't wait to have one again one day. Call me crazy, but my horse growing up was my true best friend. He followed me everywhere and was always happy to see me, followed me around without a lead... I miss him. Though I do wonder what I was thinking when I named him 'Algebra' ha!

  5. I am jealous! It's been raining here lately while the sun is still shining and everyday I search and search for a rainbow, but nothing :(

    So thanks for sharing yours!!

  6. Beautiful! Just to give you an update on your "home town" it was 50 degrees at the football game tonight (Lumpkin won!) and tomorrow its going to be in the 30's! Enjoy that sunshine! ;)

  7. Soooo sweet! I think horses are fascinating.

    Two Januaries ago, my dad was in the hospital with a clot in his lung. Very scary time. As he was "coming out of the woods" it rained and there was a HUGE rainbow over our house. I knew that everything would be okay. :)


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