Farm Life Friday: Fetch

Almost every afternoon for the past month and a half, we have been training the dogs to retrieve a frisbee in our pond.
Watching their progress has been very exciting for us, especially Brandon as hunting season is quickly approaching.
We have also been training them with a gun and a quail and they are doing really well with that, too.
Beau is always so eager to retrieve!
Bayla usually is, too, unless a pretty butterfly, or something of the like, crosses her path.
They even share sometimes, which is cute, but we really don't want to encourage that behavior when it comes to bird hunting.
All the while the Bossman observes from a safe distance high on the bank.
He can swim, too, but he prefers clean swimming pools as opposed to dirty ponds.
He takes after his mama. :)
Y'all have a great weekend!


  1. I have to agree with Sanford.. I much rather have a CLEAN place to swim! haha .. xoxo

  2. They're going to make great hunting dogs I bet!

  3. Very nice pictures ! And you have a real lake behind your house ?That is very good for the dogs.
    And Sanford looks so sweet on the photo !
    greetings from germany,ESTHER ( and Cindy-the west highland-dog-lady)

  4. This post was just too cute! oh man! LOL


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