Tybee Time

This week we have had the blessing of having my cousin, Anna, stay with us. She is doing an internship with Brandon at the clinic to "broaden her medical field horizons," so to speak.
But more on that in another post. 
We have had such a busy week at the clinic, and since we close at noon on Wednesdays, we decided to go to the beach for the afternoon.
 Thankfully, the beach wasn't crowded and we were able to throw the frisbee, swim and relax.
 Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Tybee without watching all of the container ships coming in and out of the mouth of the Savannah river.
 I have had the best time spending quality time with this sweet young lady and we are going to miss her when she goes back home this weekend.

 After we packed up our beach stuff we changed and went out to eat at Uncle Bubba's.
The Deen/Groover/Heirs family are die hard UGA fans, of course :) 
Go Dawgs!
 Our meals were delicious as always. We had shrimp, scallops, swahi, ahi tuna, and Savannah red rice.
 One of the best things about eating at UB's is their dessert menu.
The chocolate creme brulee is the bomb. Brandon is a sucker for it.
 I can't resist the Key Lime Pie. It's heavenly and homemade.
So, that's just a peek at what I've been up to this week. I know I haven't been posting as regularly, but spending time with Anna isn't something I get to do as often as I'd like to since we live so far apart now. I love all of my cousins dearly. We are so close and I hope we always will be, which is why I jump at the opportunity to spend time with them any time I can. 
I'm sure you all understand where I'm coming from. :) 
Hope y'all are having a great week! xoxo


  1. I LOVE my cousin, Leah! We are just like sisters and I know yall probably had a BLAST just like we always do! :) hope you're doing great!!

  2. Your pictures just made me SO hungry. All of that looks so delicious. Plus, I have always wanted to go to Tybee. It looks like yall had a wonderful time! :)

  3. Love your beach pictures, as always. You are so tan...and I am so jealous! :)

  4. Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun, that keylime pie looks to die for! That is one of my favorites!


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