Local Weekend

Brandon was on call and had to work Saturday, so our weekend was fairly low-key.
I was excited about this kind of weekend since we have something planned every single weekend from now until Thanksgiving it seems, with college football on the horizon.

Friday night we got together with some new friends. 
The lady I am babysitting for invited us over to her house to meet several other couples, eat supper, and play cards. We had the best time! We played Phase 10, and even though I am totally not competitive or much of a card player, I really enjoyed the game.
It was so great to meet some nice and fun people and just have a good time. We have been seriously missing that in our lives since we moved here. It seems like everyone here has their own lives and routines and not much room for newcomers, which is so totally different than the Athens lifestyle. 
It has been hard to meet people and make friends here, so we were very thankful for the fellowship Friday night. It was great to laugh with other people again. 
I don't have any pictures, though :(.
We spent Saturday afternoon training the dogs with the guns and birds in the water and on land.
They are so smart and are learning so quickly. We are proud parents!
We tried a restaurant in Reidsville called the Summer House.
It was good but way overpriced for the quality and location.
 The Christmas lights, tacky paint/brick combo and artificial hanging baskets were big indications of the quality when we pulled up, but we had already made a reservation and the pickings are slim to nonexistent around these parts,  so we ate there anyway. Look at my smile for heaven's sake! It's saying, "I'm a bit disappointed, but I'll force it any way."
Seriously, though, we always try to avoid chains and support local. 
It's just a personal decision, so that's what we do.
 They tried...they really did. I had a crab cake, which was good-no deviled crab-like filling, just lump crab meat-the way I like it, with shrimp scampi.
 Brandon had a crab cake with filet mignon, rare, which was actually cooked properly and tasted really good.
 As soon as we finished eating Brandon got a call. 
We rushed home to change clothes and went back to the clinic.
It was a cat that had been attacked and one of the back legs was broken in 3 places.
Brandon was able to put a splint on the leg and get set almost perfectly.
She even got a pretty pink bandage.

We have been trying out a new church for the past month and a half, and finally made it to Sunday school-it starts at 9:15-what?! The church is a good 20 min. from our house, which is a down side, so it was hard to get up and ready for Sunday school. 
After church we went to eat lunch at The Anderson House in Bellville.
It's good country cookin' for $8 a person-drink included. All you can eat. Can't beat it. 
 Yes, I wore the same dress to dinner Saturday night and church on Sunday morning...go ahead and judge...
 He was happy :)
We got a call on our way home from lunch, so we went to change clothes, then drove back to the clinic.
It was an eye proptosis (a dislocated eye) case on a little white lap dog that had been attacked by another dog. 
Brandon successfully repaired the eye, thank goodness.
 The eye was popped out, and after some work, he got it back in.
 Then he had to sew the eyelid shut so that it could heal. But, you don't want to sew it too tight because you need to be able to put the eye drop medications in it several times a day. The stitches should come out in about 10 days. You can see how bruised the area is.
When we got home we worked on training our dogs a little more. 
We had cereal for supper, watched the Braves (like we do every single night that they play), made cookies, and played a game of Scrabble. 
  I won. 285-220. Sanford was not amused and neither was his Daddy.
That was our weekend! 
(Disclaimer: I just realized this post has pictures of food, sick animals, food, sick animals, food, animals....it's just the way our life is around here-hope I didn't gross any of you out and scare you away!)
We are kind of anxious and excited about what this coming weekend will bring. 
My Mama is planning on coming down to visit and right now, so is she...
...seriously Irene is headed straight toward us.
There is still a level of uncertainty as to the exact direction of the storm.
It's a double edged sword because we are in an extreme drought in Southeast Georgia, and one of the only things that could pull us out of it would be a tropical storm or hurricane.
At the same time, we certainly don't want the devastation of a major hurricane, either. 
So we wait...


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! We rarely play scrabble because I get so bored with that game...Phase 10 is a lot of fun though! Hope you guys are safe through the hurricane, and the animals too! I guess I traded hurricanes for tornados and blizzards when I moved from FL to IN...

  2. Looks like a great weekend! Stay safe during Irene - my mama is obsessing over it and she's in central Virginia, nowhere NEAR the direct impact like you guys. They'll just get a lot of rain and some wind.

    I'm in a similar boat as you with making new friends in my new city. It's happening, but its a slow process and totally intimidating.

  3. We're also having a hard time meeting people and making friends. It's just not so easy here but we love the ones we've made! Haha, no judging from me-I usually wear on Monday what I wore to church on Sunday!

  4. One of my favorite things is having a game night with friends. I hope you meet some sweet friends! And I'm definitely praying for all that weather. With my brother now being in Charleston, I am much more aware of the weather in that area!!

  5. I love looking at all of your vet pictures! Keep them coming : )

    Praying for everyone in Irene's path!

  6. My boyfriends black lab is being trained to be a hunting dog too! And man, Brandon certainly has his hands full as a vet!


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