The Help

I went to the movies for the first time in...I can't even remember...a year maybe? It's just too darn expensive, so we usually wait and rent or just buy the movie.
Anyway, y'all know Brandon and I read The Help and that we put off reading it until this past month so that the details would be fresh on our minds for the movie.
I highly recommend doing that-it makes all the difference!
One of our favorite fro-yo establishments is in the shopping center adjacent to the movie theater, so we had to swing by there beforehand. I think I got like 4 different fro-yo flavors and a ton of fruit as well and some chocolate on top. That's what happens when you think with your stomach...

Our sweet friend, Melony, who is also the receptionist at the vet clinic, joined us :)
Movie Review:
I thought the movie was absolutely wonderful. The casting was fantastic. Phenomenal.
As with any book turned movie, many details are left out, so I would strongly encourage you to always read the book first. Please, do it for me? You won't regret it.
Brandon and I noticed that they rearranged the order of some of the events from the way they took place in the book. I'm not sure why...I personally do not believe it added anything to the story.
Being a former nanny, I could so relate to the relationship between Aibileen and Mae Mobley.
I tear up just thinking about it.
Honestly, I cried, okay sobbed, throughout many parts of the movie. I cried while reading the book, too.
I also laughed really hard at some parts in both the book and the movie.
I can think of a few scenarios in the book that were hilarious that were completely left out of the movie.
See what happens when you skip reading the book? You miss out on so much!
Brandon and I agreed that the ending of the book was mediocre. We thought Stockett could have done a much better job of giving more of a glimpse into the future of the characters. The book was so long and so in depth and it sort of just ended in a flat kind of way. Maybe we're the only people who feel that way, though. They added some things to enhance the ending of the movie, we noticed, and we think it helped. 
Hilly Holbrook-I can't even begin to describe what a devil you are. You make Southern ladies and the South in general look disgusting, and for that I loathe you.
Especially since I am a member of the Junior League, I really despise Hilly's agenda, and her using the JL as a platform to try and implement ridiculous laws based on her own personal issues with race.
I know I'm a Southern lady and all, and I don't think I've ever used "language" on this blog, but it just has to be said...
Hilly Holbrook, you can eat my s**t, too!!!
What did y'all think about the book/movie?


  1. I definitely agree with the ending of the book. I was like "That's all?" I was hoping the movie would do a better job at adding closure but it really didn't. I loved them both though! This is the first movie I have watched that I actually thought didn't completely ruin the book. They were both very good! Oh, and Hilly Holbrook can eat my s**t too!! haha

  2. I really want to read/see The Help! It's on my must read list. I am working on the Twilight series currently, but as soon as I finish those it's after Water For Elephants. :)

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Just came back from seeing the movie! LOVED IT. I thought it was a wonderful cast. I brought alot of tissues.

  4. I loved both the book and the movie! But, I agree, some things were left out that I felt like would have added so much to the film. But, I loved every minute of it!!!

  5. I feel like we go to movies once every 6 months! It really is just expensive, so we wait. I can't wait to see that movie though. I loved the book!

  6. I just went and dragged Hubs to see the movie last week after reading the book in the Spring. He loved it! He laughed out loud several times and I was really surprised that he enjoyed it so much. Of course I loved it too and was thrilled that it was just as good as the book was. I am a HUGE reader so I normally love the book versions a lot more but they did a great job with this one. The only other movie that I have seen that was as good as the book is The Notebook. And I think that one had to do with the eye candy in the movie, lol.

  7. I'm going to see the movie this weekend with a friend and I can't wait.. I've heard great things about it!
    And you and Brandon were not the only ones that felt that way about the ending. I finished the book earlier this summer and I was a bit disappointed in the flat and abrupt ending.
    Interested in Stockett's next book though!

  8. HA! I couldn't agree more. Loved the movie but adored the book even more. GREAT story on both the screen and book! And yes, Hilly can eat my shiz too! hahah!

  9. I'm not much of a reader, but I have actually heard soo many people talking about this book that it has me intrigued to buy one & make a date with the couch one weekend to read it! As a matter of fact, I think I will!

  10. Hopefully for my birthday I will get the book and the movie (it's in October). I have heard great reviews and can't wait to read/see it.

  11. I really loved the movie. I read the book a long time ago, so lots of details weren't super fresh, but I think in general the screenplay did the book justice. I cried, too!

  12. I'm definitely going to make my hubby go see The Help with me this weekend :)

    I LOVE Lovin' Spoons :) My hubby's office is right by there and he's taken me a few times! Yum!

  13. The movie was SOOOO good. I just loved it. I told my mom I could see it again if they replayed in the theatre right after the first showing ended (: It was the perfect mix of funny, heartbreaking and hopeful!


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