Happy Birthday to My Mama!!!

I want to give a big Happy Birthday shout-out to my Mama!!
 She is one of the most beautiful people I know-inside and out. 
My mama is by far the most positive person I've ever known, which is ironic considering all of the hard times she's been through that could have left her bitter, cold, and negative.
She is always smiling and always has words of encouragement to lift you up.
She is a glass half full kind of woman who always sees the bright side.
Her sense of humor is fabulous and she can make you laugh in an instant.
Her strength is unmatched. I would like to think I could have made as great of a life as she has based on what she's been dealt, but I don't believe I am as strong as she is. 
She never missed a thing I did growing up-and she was a single parent working multiple jobs. 
More than anything, my Mama is one of my best friends.
I can share anything with her and know that it's safe and secure.
She loves me unconditionally. 
I also know that there is not one thing or person that that my Mama would choose or put ahead of me and my sister. Not a thing. 
Everything she does is with us in mind and we are her world. 
I don't even know where to begin to thank her for all the sacrifices she made and continues to make for us.
I've rarely ever seen her buy herself new clothes or get her hair or nails done, because she would rather spend her money on us. 
She is the most selfless person I have ever met when it comes to giving to and doing for others.
Giving gifts is her love language. 
She is hard working. In fact, she works harder than a lot of men I know. Especially when it comes to yard work.
She is a free spirit who has never once told us what to do with our lives. 
She has only prayed for us and supported us and told us that she wants us to be happy.
She is so passionate about life and believes in living it to the fullest. 
She is a dreamer.
She loves to go on weekend drives through the mountains.
She can make something out of nothing.
She is the yard sale, Goodwill, thrift store queen. 
She loves country music turned up really loud. 
If she's in the car when I talk to her on the phone she'll say, "I love this song, have you heard it?" And before I can answer her she has the phone smashed up against the speaker and I can't even understand the words because it's blaring and cracking. And then I laugh. 
She is an outstanding interior decorator and florist. A jack of all trades.
She loves babies and elderly people, just like me. 
She always makes everything so special-the decorations, the gift wrap, and all the other details.
She is a lover of God and has taught us to be the same. 
Have I mentioned she absolutely adores my husband? She does and that means the world to me. 
 All these reasons and more are why I chose her to walk me down the "aisle" when we got married.
Mama, I hope that I can be half the Mama to my own babies someday as you have been to Tiffany and me.
I love you so, so much.
Thank you for loving all of your Granddogs and Grandcats so much, too. You always spoil them and they love you to death!
Happy 49th Birthday!!


  1. such a sweet post for your mom :)

  2. Beautiful post, Cherish!! Happy birthday to your mom!!

  3. Great post, Cherish! Happy Birthday to your Mom!


  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom! She sounds like a great lady.

  5. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your Mom!


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