Farm Life Friday: Muscadines & Sunsets

Our muscadines are finally coming in and I suspect we will have gallons upon gallons of them this year.

After we picked muscadines we climbed in the bed of the truck to ride down the driveway to the open fields to watch the sunset. This is a ritual for us-a great way to end a long day.
Beau is getting so good at retrieving objects (clearly I had the wrong setting on the camera). Bayla's knee is hurt, so we have been trying to keep her off of it.

While we were at Tybee on Wednesday we bought some wild caught Georgia shrimp, so we had those with big salads for supper last night. I could eat that meal every single day and never tire of it! 
Anna has been getting a taste of coastal south Georgia living this week, for sure!


  1. some beautiful pictures and I love all the dogs!! have a good weekend.

  2. Fun!! I love seeing these pictures. The pups are getting so big and so cute! (:

  3. I never get tired of all the sunset pictures, so gorgeous!

  4. Ohh how I loove muscadines! We pick them at my grandma's every year. Looking forward to it! Enjoy your weekend ♥

  5. The best part about this post is your awesome pink galoshes :)

  6. Awww I love that y'all go down the dirt road to watch the sunset...makes me miss my home-home!

  7. Hi Doll!

    Just found your blog somehow & I'm thrilled that I did! You and your Husby (& not to mention Sanford) are absolutely ADORBS! Seriously. We live in NC so I can appreciate your love for delicious food, good times with family & not to mention religion! ;)

    Truly a pleasure to "meet" you! Ship me some Georgia shrimp? xo


  8. I know I've told you this all the time, but you guys are seriously like a living, breathing advertisement for moving to Georgia! LOVE this blog!


  9. That is such an awesome tradition to watch the sunset, so pretty! I can't wait to get my hands on some fresh muscadines, they are definitely one of my favorites!


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