Farm Life Friday: Late Summer

This is the scene here in Evans County Georgia:
Cotton and Soybeans are the leading crops here.
Fields are constantly being prepared for the next crop.
The dust is thick because we so badly need rain.
The first high school football game of the year was moved to Thursday night instead of Friday because of Hurricane Irene, which has since shifted paths and we aren't going to get so much as one drop of rain from her.
But, the winds are blowing at 15-20mph today, which feels absolutely amazing!!
It feels more like fall.
 This football experience was much different than what we were used to growing up, but it was still fun.
 Since it's a fairly small Christian school they simply don't have the numbers, which means there is no marching band, the stands are much, much smaller, and the score was lower.
We met up with some of our new friends to watch the game and really did have a great time. Brandon was on-call and had an emergency call, so we had to leave at half-time.
This is late summer in South Georgia.
It's still 100 degrees and the gnats are still abundant.
Football season has officially begun. Praise the Lord!
“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”
Genesis 8:22


  1. Amen for football season! SOOO my favorite time of the year! :)


  2. I love your blog, and I am not sure how I stumbled upon it! I grew up in Claxton and went to Pinewood until we moved before my 9th grade year. I love reading about your life there and how you have had to adjust to country living. It makes me homesick - but in a good way!

    Amy B.

  3. I am doing my student teaching in a rural area and love driving by the farmland every day! The country just brings a calm over me!


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