Darien, GA: Supper at Sunset

After we left Jekyll, we drove about 18 miles north to a little shrimping town called Darien.
One of our favorite restaurants is Skipper's Fish Camp on the South Altamaha River in Darien, and I know I've posted on it before, but it's just too good not to. 
You can't beat the atmosphere either. 
We love the guys that work there, and thank goodness they were nice enough to let us bring the pups up on the deck to eat. 
I love places like that-thank you, Mama, for taking us out to eat! 
 I always get their crab cakes-they are divine-Maryland style.
 mac-n-cheese on the side
 Brandon got blackened Mahi and fried shrimp. Everyone else got all you can eat shrimp.
 We watched a beautiful sunset over the river.
 The famous Grave Digger shrimp boat responsible for the delicious wild caught Georgia shrimp.
 Kisses for my sweet Bayla!
 Brandon and Beauregard
 Magnificent colors in the sky and on the water.
Our day was filled with fun, family, love and laughter. 
I could not ask for more.
Coastal living is where it's at!
PS-Am I the only one wondering where the summer went? I can't believe it will be September tomorrow!! Thank goodness I live somewhere that clings onto summer for as long as it possibly can!


  1. Love these pictures. I think I could do the coastal living thing for a while. :) How far is all this from Charleston? When I make my visit in the spring, I would love to visit some of these places if it's in a doable driving distance!!

  2. You guys should take a visit to Benton Lee's Steakhouse. It was only about 60 miles from Statesboro so it should be less than an hour for y'all. It's in Uvalda. They have awesome steaks and you can get steak for two with drinks and all the fixings for less than $35! I would be in trouble if we lived closer because I'd want to eat there all the time.

  3. Both Bayla and Beauregard are labs right? Any suggestions on how to love a lab and make sure they have a magical life? We just adopted one.


  4. sounds like yall had a wonderful weekend!! that sunset is gorgeous!!

  5. The food looks so good! Your evening seemed like it was just beautiful!


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