Anna's Intership

So I mentioned that my cousin Anna was here doing an internship with Brandon to broaden her medical field horizons last week, so I thought I would elaborate a bit more on that topic. 
Anna is starting her senior year of high school this week and has always aspired to be a doctor of some sort. She is brilliant. Her SAT scores were almost perfect-seriously just a few points off. 
If she attends UGA, she will enter as a junior.
She is so humble and kind that you would never  know if you didn't boldly ask her about her achievements.
She has spent this summer doing an ER internship at a hospital in her hometown.
She has also accepted a part-time job with a company who makes products for cancer patients.
Brandon thought it would be good for her to spend some time working with him and letting him teach her some things that pertain to both human and veterinary medicine.
Thankfully, we were able to make it work out for her to come down last week and we think she learned a tremendous amount. I know she got some hands on experience as well.
 She held many animals, including a dog that had been attacked first thing on her first morning at work.
On  Tuesday night (Brandon's on call night), the phone didn't ring once.
We all got our pjs on, faces washed, teeth brushed and crawled into our beds.
Literally the minute we turned off the lamps the phone rang and we had to get ready to go in-but they said it would probably be close to an hour before they could get there. Great. It was 10:30 when they called...
 Sure enough, an hour later we were tending to excessive hemorrhaging from a surgery performed the day before-not by Brandon. 
 It took forever to get a catheter in because all of the veins were collapsed and the dog was dehydrated.
 I've never seen Brandon so frustrated in all my life. Seriously. We finally got a catheter in on the last try-on a back leg.
Anna is so gentle and patient and did a great job holding and soothing the dog. By 1:30AM we had the dog in a kennel on fluids and the bleeding stopped. We headed home and showered after the mess. 6:30AM came all too quickly...
 She observed a spay...
 and a neuter.
 She helped with a dog necropsy-it was over 100 degrees and the smell was putrid.
 She observed Brandon talking to clients and tried to answer many of his "quiz" questions.
 She assisted with a cat that had a drain tube put in it's leg due to an abscess.
On Friday we got to perform another surprise necropsy, but on a cat this time.
She is smiling because Brandon offered to let her sew up the cat...
 Brandon was right beside her teaching her and guiding her.
 Our suspicions were confirmed during the necropsy that the cat did in fact have FIP.
Next up, we got to watch Brandon pop a hip back into place on a stray that someone brought in.
 It's hard work to put a hip back into place!
I'm guessing this was a teaching moment, based on the facial expressions.
Anna also got to love on these sweet new additions to the clinic-the new clinic kittens:
 Remember that 105 lb. hit by car that I mentioned in the last vet med post I did?
Well, Brandon did a fracture repair on it and it's doing well. It came back yesterday to get it's staples taken out and at the very end decided to bite Brandon.
 It's really going to hurt today, I'm afraid.
Whew! So, I hope y'all have gotten your fill of these vet med posts for a while! This one wore me slap out, lol. Of course I'll post if something really cool comes in. This was mainly for Anna :).  We hope she enjoyed her time here and that she learned a lot! She is always welcome to come back and learn some more any time she wants!


  1. How awesome that she got that experience!

  2. Experiences like that are priceless, I know she will have learned a ton! What a blessing!

  3. Thanks for posting this Cherish! I had such a great time with you guys. :) I miss y'all a ton! I really appreciate y'all letting me stay with you!


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