Add Drug Athens, GA

One of the best kept secrets and most fun places to grab a bite to eat or a milkshake is at Add Drug in Athens, Georgia.
It's a cute little diner inside a drugstore with made to order food.
It's like Mayberry. Locals. Gossip. Just kidding about the gossip-I have no idea.
Brandon was a very frequent visitor when he was in vet school, so when we go back and visit from time to time we enjoy stopping in and reminiscing. 

 Can you tell he was so excited to be back at the Add Drug counter?
 I had a grilled pimiento cheese with bacon and tomato. 
Yep, they do it any way you want it!
 Brandon had a cheeseburger with slaw, lettuce and tomato.
 You can't go without ordering a chocolate milkshake, either.
 They are so good!!
Thanks Add Drug, for another wonderful meal and 5 extra pounds!!
Sorry about the poor phone picture quality!

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