Slammed at the Clinic!

We've been busy lately and I've been helping my husband at work as a result. Plus, he was on call this weekend. The vet clinic has been slammed since mid-May, which isn't unusual as summer is the busiest time for veterinary clinics. So to make myself more useful I go to work with Brandon from time to time and help out here and there, mainly by socializing with clients sitting and standing in a slap full waiting room. I take pictures and laugh and even sympathize with clients, which makes us all feel a little bit better. Plus, it helps lighten the mood since they are having to wait so long to see the doctor, since there is only one doctor at the practice-Dr. Brandon. Here are some snapshots of what's been in the clinic lately:

 He even makes farm calls in between small animal appointments. This case was sad as a really old pony had to be put down. He was beyond repair.
And it doesn't stop when we get home...
 He found an injured blue jay on our porch.
 He even fed the blue jay some worms, put it in a safe cage with water and a nest. Unfortunately the bird did not make it through the night.
And what does Dr. Brandon do on his lunch break?
He takes a quick nap with the puppies on the floor of his office. Talk about being worn out!
Brandon's Aunt Joy came down to visit us and brought her yellow lab puppy, Sandy, who is Bayla's sister, to get all of her shots and spayed.
Joy teaches middle school science, so she was very interested in the surgery.

 Sandy did great and is healing wonderfully!
Joy was so sweet and took us out to eat twice! We sure enjoyed getting to spend some quality time during her short visit here.

 We've seen hit by car cases, too.
 We also got in a shipment of the new laminated Sun-Glo collars, which are just fabulous!
They are stain and water resistant, and they reflect light!
They come in Orange and Pink and sizes 23", 21", 19", 18", & 16"
If any of you would like to purchase one we can certainly ship them-just comment to inquire/order!
They are perfect for dogs that love water, hunt, or love to get dirty!
 Bayla and Beauregard love their new collars!


  1. I love this post and all of the photos!

  2. Oh my goodness, the buckets of puppies kill me! So cute. I think it's so neat that you can go with him to work. Haha, your puppies must love napping with him!

  3. Those puppies are so cute! AND the TLC Brandon gave is a huge indication of what a great Daddy he'll be someday, hehe!

  4. Oh my gosh, this post kinda made me tear up!! That poor hit puppy and that poor horse!! Ahhh, I hate seeing animals sad and hurt. Y'all do some amazing work!! I love those collars, Cherish!! I think my pups definitely need them!!

  5. Wow, yuo both have been busy! I love the puppies at the beginning on the post, they are So cute! :) Try and stay cool down there in GA!

  6. I think it is SO neat that you take pictures like this. Memories!! And how cute are those puppies. :)
    Seeing all your posts about what all Brandon does makes me appreciate what all my vet does. Love him already, but you help me see the "real" side of it!! :)

  7. Y'all have been busy, I would love to be able to bring my dogs to work and take lunch time naps. :) I think it's so fun that you get to go visit the clinic sometimes. :D

  8. I seriously just love your vet posts so much! Almost enough to make me want to change majors- almost, lol! Hope all is well!

  9. I love how your pups are looking up as to show off the new collars. :)

  10. Oh I love your husband! (only kidding) any man that loves animals like that is a keeper in my book!
    Kudos to him for wanting to be a vet and helping all kinds of animals.

  11. All of those puppies are SOOO incredibly cute! Makes me want to get one!


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