Pinterest...Love-Hate Relationship

So, I broke down and accepted my invitation to Pinterest...
I have been avoiding getting caught up in all the hoopla, but I folded.
I admit, it is quite addictive and I have already wasted an embarrassing amount of time "pinning."
The entire concept is a glorious one.
 There is the love.
So, where does the hate come into this Pinterest relationship?
It really is all a dream, isn't it?
There is nothing in this world wrong with dreaming. Lord knows I am a dreamer.
The issue is taking Pinterest captive, like we should take our negative thoughts captive.
If I find myself constantly longing to have "things" that are probably in reality never going to be in my possession, then it becomes a problem.
Always wanting more. 
Never being satisfied with what we have because we are always looking at things we want.

Do not get me wrong-I think Pinterest is a lovely tool and it is a blast to play with.
Building my hopes are dreams around Pinterest, however, is an issue.
So, as long as I can just have "fun" with Pinterest, I will keep my account. 
But the minute I find myself being dissatisfied with the things I have and constantly wanting more...
It will be gone.

Here's to keeping my Pinteresting under control :) Now I have to be accountable to each of you!
"But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment. For we have brought nothing into the world, so we cannot take anything out of it either. If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content." 
Timothy 6:6-8


  1. I love the pictures of your hydrangeas in mason jars! I love hydrangeas and they are actually my favorite flowers! I like the simplicity of them in the mason jars! Just so darn pretty:)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I have adjusted the things I want based on what I know I will have or what is attainable.
    I really like pinterest to keep track of different ideas/craft projects =)
    I LOVE the hydrangea pictures!

  3. This is perfect, Cherish. Such a good reminder to keep the "wants" under control. So often it happens to me with all the pretty wedding pictures and sweet house decorations. I am learning to have a life full of THANKSGIVING AND JOY right where I am!! Thank you for this!!

  4. I adore those hydrangeas. I love Pinterest mainly for home decor inspiration. I seriously need help in the decorating department!

  5. I completely understand and agree! That is part of the reason I stopped watching The Real Housewives of OC. They were the only ones I watched yet I found myself with growing envy so I stopped, plus all the drama! Love the hydrangeas...they are my fave! Have a great weekend, Friend! :)

  6. Oh girl, I spend WAY too much time on there pinning. It's seriously a bad habit that I just can't stop

  7. I'm still trying to figure this whole pinterest thing out. I really do enjoy browsing through the beautiful pictures & gaining some unique ideas along the way!

    FYI: I changed my blog url a few weeks ago and it whacked everything up. It's acountrynest.blogspot.com.

    Have a great day! :)

  8. I was avoiding it for the same reason, simply put I want to love what I have, what I have worked for and not lust over things I may never have.

  9. I was avoiding it for the same reason, simply put I want to love what I have, what I have worked for and not lust over things I may never have.

  10. also have love-hate, love the collecting concept but hate the months long wait for an invite. i went with http://www.juxtapost.com instead. dont know what i would do without it!


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