Farm Life Friday: The Gnat Line

Living on a farm in Southern Coastal Georgia, I would be remiss if I didn't write a post on the infamous "Gnat Line."
{a book written by a former long-time Georgia member of the House of Reps}
What is the gnat line, you ask. Here is Urban Dictionary's definition:
An imaginary line dividing coastal areas from more inland areas in certain southern states in the U.S., especially the Carolinas and Georgia. The term comes from the abundance of gnats in coastal marshlands and swamps in these states and the relative lack of the insects in the inland regions.
Examples: "I’m not from the piedmont. I’m just east of the gnat line."
"The city has grown so big, it’s like everything north of the gnat line is considered metro Atlanta." 
I am here to tell y'all that it is real. The gnat line truly does exist. 
Growing up in the Appalachian mountains of North Georgia, we had some gnats, and they were especially bad along trout streams and rivers. 
But, in general, they weren't bad enough to interfere with day to day outdoor activities. 

Living below the gnat line, though, takes a special person. I've been real proud of myself until this past month. 
However, I am officially about to crack.
I know most of the country has been suffering through this horrible heat wave, too.
Because we don't have a swimming pool, I have not been able to stand to go outside during the day.
We are talking not just triple digit temperatures here, but 115 degree heat indexes and 100% humidity.

So, when the temperature finally gets to where I can stand to go outside in the evenings, suddenly the gnats come out.
I'm talking dozens of them swarming all over you.
Incessant buzzing and ringing in your ears.
Zooming up your nose and into your eyes and ears at high speeds.
It's enough to make you lose it.
I'm losing it.

I know I'm suffering a Vitamin D deficiency.
I need some sunshine and fresh air.
Without suffocating or being ambushed by gnats.
And mosquitoes. 
Oh, the mosquitoes.
I can't even get into that right now, or I will have a breakdown.

Our local minor league baseball team is called the 
"Savannah Sand Gnats."

Most of the time it's tolerable, but as I mentioned, the past month has been pretty unbearable. 
We are ready to get back to normal life on the farm without all the gnats.
Hope y'all are having a great weekend-without gnats :)


  1. My husband and I spent 2 days last week in Savannah and then went to the SC coast and I look like I have chicken pox, lol I got eaten alive!
    I really hope the weather gets better for you soon!

  2. Ughhhh I hate gnats too! I can't wait until it cools off and they go away!

  3. You live in such a beautiful area!!! I guess it would be a little too perfect if those buggies weren't there!!

  4. I am pretty sure that I would loose it! Thank goodness I am above that line. It would drive me nuts!

  5. Ugh, I hate gnats! Hopefully it will cool down soon for you and they will disappear!


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