Dog Days of Summer

It has been HOT down here. Dangerously hot-as in 115 degree heat index hot. Which really stinks when you have kids and animals because it's too hot to stay outside and play. 
We have been diligently working with and training the puppies.

Here are some things they have learned by 17 (Bayla) and 14 (Beau) weeks:
They immediately get in their crate when they come inside and wait to be let out.
They sit, not jump, when they approach you.
They do not dig or chew anything other than their toys and each other.
If a treat is placed in front of them on an object they do not go after it. They sit and wait patiently for it to be put at their mouths via a hand.
They are almost fully potty trained.
They do not jump on furniture-or anything for that matter.
They love to fetch already. 
We did get our dogs a pool, though, and Bayla Belle thinks we bought it just for her. She especially loves to fetch her pink bone out of the pool.
She is a true Lab!
Last week Brandon's grandparents, mom, and aunt came to Savannah for a few days and we enjoyed getting to spend some time with them. The came by our house on their way back to North Georgia and got to see our puppies.
They were so generous to bring us some fresh vegetables out of their garden, so we spent an evening stringing beans and putting them up. 
Performing tasks like these together makes it less of a task and more of a special occasion. After all, it's not every day of the year you get to string and eat fresh green beans. Sanford likes to help, too :)
 Even Mack has had enough of the heat!
Our house is a zoo, which means it's full of love and laughter. Yes, Bayla is on the sofa because she needed some spoiling after we finally got them back last week. But, we're back to business, which means she's back on the floor/in the crate. I hope y'all have been able to get some relief from this heat, too. Do you have any neat tricks you've trained your dog(s) to do?


  1. I love the last picture of you and all your animals. That would be "me". Sounds like your doing a great job training them! keep cool!

  2. It is so hot here too, we have heat advisories all week...and of course, this is the week we are moving. Pray for us and all the people who will be helping. We pray no one gets overheated and all stay hydrated! So glad you have your puppies back!

  3. I agree...it's been SO hot down here! I love summer but wish it could be just a little cooler :)

    Love the picture of you with all the pets on the couch!

  4. I'm so glad your puppies are back!!

  5. Your puppies are the cutest things!

  6. They are so adorable. You and Brandon are the sweetest parents to such cute furbabies! I love that baby pool for them. I might need to put one out for Skie.

  7. They're SO cute! :) Our dogs LOVE their pool too.

    Thankfully, it's been cooler here recently. Last Friday I wanted my winter coat, however it really was only like 65-70. :( I guess this crazy place is making me more of a Californian than a Michigander ;) Hope you're able to get some relief


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