4th Weekend Fun

Some of my family came down on Saturday to spend several days with us and celebrate the 4th. I started Saturday morning off by going to a local farmer's market to get some fresh goodies for our weekend. 

 Okay, so I thought this gentleman was just headed to the farmer's market until he waved me down and asked me if the cafe in the shopping center behind me was open. I told him, "No, but there's a lot of food at the farmer's market." He asked where it was, which confused me. I proceeded to tell him it was only about a half a mile down on his right. Then I asked him where he was going and he said Savannah, then Helen, GA (which is waay up near my neck of the woods and nowhere near Savannah). I was shocked. I asked him where he was coming from and get this: he said Corpus Christi, Texas!!!! I said, "You are kidding!!" He said, "Nope," and went on his way. Y'all-that is over a thousand miles away and it's been about a thousand degrees outside! Has anyone else seen this man and his horse and buggy anywhere in the deep southeast? The back of his buggy read, "Living My Dream." He doesn't look homeless. I still can't get over this!
 My family arrived safely from North Georgia Saturday evening and as soon as they got here Brandon had a horse emergency call. Anna and Logan went with him and I think they had a really good time. Anna is an upcoming high school senior and has always wanted to go to Med school, so she was all over the opportunity to help sew something up!  We got up on Sunday to get ready to go to Savannah. The guys decided to take the boat down the river and get in some early morning fishing and while we were getting ready we heard this awful, piercing cry from one of the dogs. When it didn't stop we ran outside to find all of the dogs crowded around Bayla and she wouldn't move. At first I thought they may have been attacking her, which would have completely shocked me. But, as I walked around and saw her face I noticed she had quite the fishing lure hooked on her mouth on one end and into her side on the other.
 I tried not to panic and I called Brandon and told him to hurry back home. Like you can hurry when you're on a boat in a river?! I kept getting more nervous when over 45 minutes passed by and they weren't back. We took turns holding her head so she couldn't rip her skin/mouth open. She started throwing up and jerking and I was becoming even more anxious. Plus, we had a lunch reservation at The Lady & Sons in Savannah that was rapidly approaching.
 Turns out what was taking so long was that they had gone by the clinic to get some sedatives to knock her out, which was smart thinking. I was too distraught to think of needing sedatives. They got the hooks out within just a few minutes and things were much better. It could have been so much worse! 
 And you might wonder how she got a hold of it in the first place. The guys left the lures, which were in closed boxes on the hood of the Suburban when they left. Apparently, one of the cats knocked one off, and of course the teething puppy got a hold of it and ate most of the box before she got hooked. We know she ate the box because she threw it up. Oh me, just another day on the farm!
 After passing many cars and driving at higher than usual speeds, we made it to Savannah and got to the restaurant in time for our reservation. It was the first time my aunt and uncle and cousins had eaten there, so it was real important that we make it!
 Laughing about something...

 Paula Deen's hoecakes are the bomb!! Seriously, you have to try them-with maple syrup!
 My aunt and uncle taking pictures with their "smartphones." Cracks me up. I don't even have a smartphone. I have a $15 Wal-Mart phone. Seriously. Don't judge.
 The beautiful Purcell family: Anna, Greg, Logan, Sharon, and Sarah
 It was so hot!!
 Brandon and Logan jumped in the fountains at City Market.
We spent the evenings laughing and playing games such as Rook as Taboo. One night we played Taboo til 2AM. My family rocks-I love them!! xoxo


  1. Aww poor puppy.. and poor horse! I bet he is so sick of walking. I just hope that man is taking good care of him. I absolutely love Savannah. It is such a beautiful city. You're lucky you live so close! I am a new follower and wanted to say hi and that I love reading your blog! You & your husband are absolutely adorable.

  2. Oh, that poor puppy! And I really CANNOT believe that man! What a strange encounter! I hope he's doing well on his travels!

  3. Sounds like a great time with your family!! I am so glad the puppy was ok, I would have been so freaked out! I loved your dress and shoes...as usual :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. We pass through Pembroke on our way to work and I always love when the flags are out :)

    Poor Bayla! Glad she's okay :)

  5. Oh no, poor Bayla! I can't imagine how confused and in pain she was.

    And that man with the horse and buggy? How liberating that must be!

  6. That poor puppy, I'm glad he's okay though! Thank God for your hubby being able to help him!

  7. First Time Visiting! LOVE your blog!

    Pembroke = my hometown! I'm very familiar with the Whitslestop, Farmers Market! How exciting!!! However, I'm more in Ellabell. [Same county]

    Local... meaning you live close???

    Looking forward to reading and following your blog! :)

    How could I EVER forget! SAVANNAH... melts my heart♥


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