Farm Life Friday

My sweet Bayla Belle-she loves kisses
Everyone wants Brandon's attention, but my sweet Pug is too submissive to root his way in, too.
Our blueberries are in!
Bayla loves the water! Praying our tomatoes turn out this year-they are slowly growing. We've had trouble growing them down here in Daisy. The dirt, or sand, is different.
Speaking of Daisy, or daisies, they are beautiful in full bloom.
My herbs are coming right along.
As well as my ferns.
This is my most favorite time of day, and it goes by in a flash, unfortunately. If you want to catch it you have to time it just right-forget about everything else going on in the world, and just savor it.
Worn out! Puggy isn't thrilled about Bayla sleeping on the sofa, and neither am I, really. Her daddy is a softie and says, "She won't be able to do this much longer..." To which I reply, "Suit yourself. You will also be in charge of breaking that habit when she weighs 70 lbs. and puts herself up there, because I am not having that!" Only Pugs are allowed on the sofa {wink}.


  1. haha. you and your family of furbuddies are so cute. AND yes that dog will be much hard to budge when she is heavier. Trust me. I've seen it. And they shed don't they? i love the little pug just sitting there minding its business. haha. Dogs have so much personality! I love em. And the sunset was gorgeous. Are you loving the new home?? praying all is well!



  2. your plants and flowers are looking wonderful! I can't wait until I can start planting some. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. your plants look wonderful! yay!

    Your pups are getting so big so fast!

    We never allowed Ruger on the furniture, even when he was teeny tiny! I knew it would be a hard habit to break once he was older and shedding.

  4. So beautiful! I love that dusk time of day too so relaxing and peaceful! I hope your tomatoes do well this years, our stunk last year but already have done better this year so I'm happy!

  5. So sweet! Bayla Belle is getting to big! I love all of your pictures. I hate that Glenda gets on the couch, but Dylan is a softie, too. There's no breaking the habit!

  6. Ah, heaven! I might be inviting myself for some time on the farm, haha!


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