Hot Weekend

Our weekend was rather lame to say the least. At the last minute, as in 10:00 Friday night, Brandon was scheduled to be on call for the weekend, which means our weekend was shot. We had planned on going to Cumberland Island, but no, we were stuck in Daisy. The worst part is that we only had one call, which was at 11:00 Friday night, all weekend. So what do you do when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere and it's a blazing 100 degrees with the humidity so thick you could slice it with a knife? Well, Brandon spent the majority of the weekend watching all of the Harry Potter movies on tv-some kind of marathon. I know nothing about Potter and couldn't care less to be "enlightened," but Brandon is just barely hanging on waiting for this next one to come out in theaters.
 I swear, I realize that I've had at least 3 posts this spring that start off with pictures of a snake. I don't get it. I've never seen so many in such a short period of time in all my life. I can't even keep up with how many I've seen in the road and elsewhere, either.I must be a snake magnet, which is so not good because I think snakes are the devil. Seriously.
 This, my friends, is a ticked off Cottonmouth aka Water Moccasin, which = highly poisonous and aggressive. Note the very fat body almost all the way down to it's tail-that's a good indicator of a poisonous snake, as well as that triangular shaped head.
 Thankfully, my good ole' boy husband always travels with a pistol close by, kind of like me and my Canon (see my shadow?), which means we make a real awesome couple! So, being the sharpshooter that he is he takes aim and gets it right in the heart-now that's what I'm talking about!!
 Here is the snake belly up. I know I make this seem lighthearted, but seriously, folks living in the deep South need to be aware of what a Cottonmouth looks like. You don't want to sneak up on one. Seriously. They can jump and chase and kill you. In fact, people down here think Rattlesnakes are better because at least they warn you with their rattlers.
 Meanwhile, the cowsies took their baths and looked at us like we were fools. Why do cows do that, you know, look at you like you're dumb? I don't care either way, I love looking at cows. They really don't get too riled over much of anything. So unlike me. Maybe that's why a have such a fascination with them.
 One second I was snapping this picture of Sanford making a new friend, but the next thing you know that German Shepard lunged at my Pug baby and it scared me half to death. I didn't think he got Sanford, but I was wrong.
 He got my sweet baby's ear and neck. So, I tried my best to soothe him and console him and I baby talked him through tears and blood stained hands. Oh, I a fanned the gnats away from him for about an hour while we waited on someone, ahem, to finish what they were doing. Did I mention we live below that gnat line? Basically you have to wear goggles if you intend on getting anything at all accomplished outside.
 Finally I put my foot down and demanded that he come in off the water and take a good look at my poor baby, who was still standing in a pool of blood on the tailgate.
 Looking for his daddy. Breaks my heart! We took him to the clinic and got him all cleaned up and glued his ear back together and gave him some antibiotics. He seems like it never happened.
 The sunset that night. Hazy sun through tall South Georgia pines. Lord help us, we desperately need some rain.
 Oh, and I spent some time on our luxurious swimming pool. It even has a lounge chair in it. How awesome is that?!
I talked Brandon into taking me back to the plant nursery to get a few more things. I've been dying for a Mandevilla and I just love this one! 
 Another hazy Sunday evening sunset. We truly are in severe/exceptional drought down here and the Southern part of our state is predominantly farm land, so us farmers could really use your prayers for rain, unlike our friends along the Mississippi River. I seriously can't remember that last time it rained and there is no rain in the forecast and the temps are hovering around 100. Everything is burning up. We'd give just about anything for some relief!
 I hope y'all had more exciting weekends than we did! "If he holds back the waters, there is drought; if he lets them loose, they devastate the land."   Job 12:15


  1. I hate snakes! We live near a creek and find them in our basement all the time.

    I hate to hear your pug got attacked :( but I'm glad he's ok!

  2. Poor Sanford! I'm glad he's better!

    Just seeing a picture of that snake freaks me out! I agree, snakes are the devil!

  3. I'm glad your pug was ok! I would have freaked if that would have happened to my baby. I would glady send some of our rain your way. We keep getting slammed here in Arkansas. Oh and I LOVE the pool!

  4. So we killed a snake this weekend - ugh they make my skin crawl! I would take a thousand spiders over a snake! I think they are the devil, too! Secondly, the gnats are out. of. control. Seriously! I'm from N. Georgia, so this whole gnat thing is new to me! Good grief they are driving me crazy! So sad you didn't get to go to Cumberland - it is truly beautiful! I'm sure you'll get to go soon! LOVE your pool - I need one of those!

  5. Poor Sanford! Glad he's okay!

    Love your pool too :)

  6. Hot weekends can just make a girl miserable. Hope y'all get some relief soon!

  7. I love your pool, I've definitely had similar ones in the past! Oh and definitely have the same exact feelings about cows, love them!

    I'm sorry about your pup, hope he gets better soon!

    I got your sweet Thank you note the other day, totally made me day!

  8. I've had several pools just like that! I wish I had one now. It has been really hot here, too.

    I can't believe that your sweet little pup got attacked! How sad! I'm glad that he is okay!!

  9. Girl, im glad your pug is okay! poor baby got attacked :((

    snakes are no good , i dont care! Glad y'all nipped him in the bud ha!

    your swimming pool looks like a great one ;)

    praying for rain your way!

    and the cows oh yes i know those faces , especially when they've made me late to class before and i tried to explain to teacher i was late bc cows wouldnt move out of the road as i honked the horn hollered at them and they just gave me that "look" your talking about ha ha ha.


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