Charleston: Hominy Grill and King Street

We spent one day walking around downtown Charleston, SC going in and out of all the shops on King Street. But first, we had lunch at the Hominy Grill and it was ahhhmazing! I highly recommend it!

Everything looked delicious and it was oh so hard to decide on what to order, but we got the famous "Big Nasty," which is a piece of fried chicken on a biscuit with gravy poured over the top. It was sinful.

For dessert, I ordered the Lemon Blueberry Pudding and it was heavenly. The perfect thing on a hot day. They are also famous for their chocolate pudding-I should have ordered some of that, too ;)

The greatest men's store ever!

Lilly at the Lilly Pulitzer store

Oh, Charleston, you are high society and deeply Southern and I love it. You are the sister city to my sweet Savannah and I love you each in your own ways. You always make me feel right at home, just the way it should be. Until next time...


  1. You are beautiful and so is Charleston. I have always loved that city!

  2. These pictures look like they popped out of Southern Living! I just love that first picture of you and Landon, so cute!

  3. you look gorgeous in that last photo hun! I love Charleston.. Not that I have ever been there. But I do really, really want to go there someday and visit. It reminds me of all the Nicholas Sparks books that I have dived into. Not that he writes each one in Charleston but just the way he describes the south and north and south carolina. I want to go so bad.

    And those food pictures are devilishly tempting. I would hop on a plan and fly there just to eat some. lol If I could.

    be blessed today!



  4. MMMM hominy grill and its sinful yummy foods , girl im tasting it now! then you went down king street too , girl , you must have known im headed that way sunday!!!! thanks for the sneak peak of what ive got to look forward to ha ha! LOVE your sweet pictures of you and the cutie little beau , absolutely precious! you are looking gorgeous as always and having a blast in charleston, a love of mine as well he he! can never get enough of it!!!

  5. This makes me want to visit Charleston! Hate to admit I've never been! you look gorgeous in the last picture :)

  6. It looks beautiful there! Lemon blueberry pudding?? That sounds like heaven! You look simply gorgeous!

  7. I LOVE Charleston and all it's charm! I also love how close it is to us :) We'll definitely have to try Hominy Grill next time we're there.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Thanks so much for introducing yourself to me on my blog! You have such an adorable blog too and I look forward to visiting again soon! BTW my family and I are in IOPSC right now! Charleston is my MOST favorit place on the planet. How could anyone NOT love Charleston!

  9. I might be headed to Charleston in a few weeks so I loved this little peek!

  10. I will be in Charleston next week, I am going to have try that grill!! These pictures make me so excited to get down there.

    PS. Love your blog, new follower :)


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