Happy Good Friday and Easter!

A flashback of my sister and I on Easter in 1988. I love that Mama always payed so much attention to the details of our attire :). At least y'all know I come by it honestly! It's Good Friday and I am overcome with gratitude as I reflect on the truth that God sent his only Son to suffer and die a horrible and brutal death so that you and I may have eternal life through Him. Easter is such a sentimental time for me because it was on Easter Sunday (April 4, 1994) at the age of 8 years old, I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I can remember the details so vividly and when I reflect back on that day my heart feels the exact same way. It starts pounding and I become emotional just thinking of the day and thanking God for giving me the opportunity to truly come to know him as a young child. I am so thankful that I was brought up in a Christian home and that my salvation was celebrated among loved ones. I pray that each one of you sweet friends will come to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior if you don't already. The Christian life isn't easy, but it's a life that lives forever. I hope that you have a very Happy Easter celebrating with loved ones and reflecting on the incredible sacrifice made on our behalves!! xoxo


  1. You and your sister are the cutest things! My sister and I always had Easter dresses similar to that.

    The Christian life isn't easy, but I have such peace about everything! There's no way I could walk this life alone and I'm so thankful that He is Risen!

    Happy Easter friend!

  2. How cute are y'alls outfits, lol!

    Happy Easter!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, how adorable are those outfits! Happy Easter to you!


  4. Love that picture! We used to dress like that at Easter, too! So Southern and classic!! Haha!!

    You are such an inspiration! I love how much you share your love for God! Happy Easter!

  5. That picture of you two girls is too cute! Have a blessed Easter!

  6. Love that Easter has such an extra-special meaning for you!!

    Love your outfits, too!!

    Hope y'all had a great Easter Sunday!

  7. so I just found your blog through Michaela's blog. I am so glad I did girl. You love pink, you love Christ, your gorgeous and your blog is quite attractive :). he he All the things I look for in another womans blog.

    I just read through your about me and a couple of other blogs. You are such a genuine and sweet girl. I have always wanted to visit the south and It is always refreshing to meet someone open-minded and beautiful inside and out from a place I know little about. Except what they teach in the books and that doesn't quite make me eager to pay a visit to "certain" areas of the south. lol Being african-american and all.

    But yes. I just wanted to say I am following and I pray the Lord blesses your marriage and your life in your obedience to the call He has you living in each and everyday girl.



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