Family Visit on Snakey Saturday

First of all I have to say Happy 4th Birthday to our Godson, Charlie!!! We love him so much and are so impressed at how smart he is! Also, Happy 12th Birthday to my brother, Jacob. We love and miss him very much, too! Brandon's parents and grandparents got in late Friday night from North Georgia and we were so happy to see them all! We walked around the farm, sat on the porch and visited, {Sanford is obsessed with eating fruit. He goes nuts over Clementines!}{reading the book I had published for Brandon}{relaxing in the hammock}went to a local plant nursery, ate BBQ at the Rusty Pig in Glennville, and visited some more. Saturday afternoon before they left Brandon spayed his parents' kitten, Dixie, while the rest of us waited back at the house and ended their visit by spotting a very unwelcome visitor.That, my friends, is almost 4 ft. long Cottonmouth aka Water Moccasin - located right beside our porch. Mind you we had 4 cats and 4 dogs on the premises and the good Lord was looking out for them because all of the cats were inside (so unusual) and the dogs were about 20 feet away on the carport. It got bashed in the head, twice, by Grandad, and when Brandon got home he shot it. Needless to say, I retreated to the indoors for the remainder of the afternoon. My skin is still crawling. After that his folks loaded up and headed back North. We sure enjoyed our visit with them even though it was short and sweet. We can't wait to see them again!"So the LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, “Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life." Genesis 3:14


  1. AWE what a fun visit , glad you got to spend time with the grandparents! Snakes are no good i dont care if they qualify as "good" snakes lol. Glad Grandpa and Brandon took care of it! Hope your doing well girl! Praying for y'all! xx

  2. Glad you got to visit with the family :)

    That snake is gross! I hate them! Luckily your animals were no where near it!!

  3. aw family time is always the best.. My sister and I just started a new blog and would absolutely love if you became our newest blog friend and follower!
    hope to see you soon!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend...minus the snake! I would have freaked out!

  5. Oh my gosh, EW EW EWWWWWW!! I would have been freaking out!! So glad that y'all and all of the animals are safe!!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! My skin is crawling right along with yours! Looks like you had a great weekend other than that, though! Glad the animals were not in danger! :)

  7. Omgosh I love you little pug, the face is priceless! Mine growing up would make the same face for popcorn!

    Glad ya'll got the snack before anything happened, I would have reacted just like you!

    Have great day ! XOXO


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