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Hey Y'all, I'm Cherish from Southern Soul Mates and I am just tickled pink that Suze has asked me to do a guest post for her while she is spending some quality time with her family! We are sending prayers your way, Suze!There are so many things a blogger can post on, so I had a little trouble trying to decide what exactly to do a guest post on...so, I decided I would focus on Southern Travel, since that is one of my favorite pastimes. If you go to Southern Soul Mates and scroll down until you reach the Labels section, you will find labels for Southern Travel, Food, Restaurants, etc. I offer TONS of advice on where to stay, which tourist attractions to see, and where to eat. Living just outside of Savannah, Georgia has given me the opportunity to visit numerous coastal cities. The best advice I can give is to try to do as much reading on the history of the place you are going to visit before you ever leave your house. When you get where you are going, try to find a book on walking tours or something of the like, so that you can do your own self-guided walking tour. [$5.95] [$5.95] This saves money, allows you to spend as much time as you would like, the opportunity to see more than what you would on a group tour, and it Some of my favorite places are-in no particular order: Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC Beaufort, SC New Orleans, LA Natchitoches, LAIf I could create the perfect Southern City I would take the architecture of Charleston, SC, the layout and trees of Savannah, GA, and the cuisine and music of New Orleans, LA...can you even imagine?! If you have never been to any of these places, you must visit them all in your lifetime-especially if you consider yourself a true Southerner! I pray you all get the blessing of spending time in each one of these unique and beautiful cities! Come by and visit me any time, or feel free to email me with any travel questions you might have! Sending y'all blessings and love from South Georgia! xoxo

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  1. Ahhhh, you've been to Natchitoches? That's where we got engaged! Come back soon and we can visit!!


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