Weekend Recap

I hope each of you had a lovely, lovely weekend whatever you were doing!! Brandon was on call, so our activities were very limited, but as always, we made the most out of it! Friday night we took the opportunity to enjoy watching the final round of high school football playoffs before the championship games next weekend, which will be at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Georgia high school football is a blast to watch-we have so much talent in this wonderful state! We went to the Statesboro vs. Chattahoochee game in Statesboro. Brandon's cousin, Makena is a cheerleader for Chattahoochee, so naturally we were cheering for them. {Makena is the third one from the left on the front row-she is such a beautiful young lady} Makena's brother, Grant, is a freshman at Georgia Southern, so it was kind of a family affair at the game. Their parents made the drive down, of course, so we got to see them as well. The game was so intense and literally went down to the last second!Chattahoochee kicking for a field goal...And the kick was good!!!!Storming the field after their victory-all the fans and parents followed! Chattahoochee will be playing Starrs Mill for the Class AAAA Championship this weekend at the Georgia Dome! Go Cougars!!Y'all know how I have mentioned there has been so much going on around here. I can't share about everything at this time, but this has been one ordeal. My beloved car. It needs a new engine. This was my very first car. I've had it 9 years and it has been a wonderful car to me. We think something faulty happened with the last oil change that it had 3 weeks prior to it losing all of its oil and thus throwing a rod going down the road. It's always something around here. We are not financially prepared to purchase another vehicle yet, either. Praying for something good to happen. Anyway, Brandon's dad and Papa were SO generous to drive all the way down here and pick it up to trailer it back to Athens and store it in our garage there until we can afford to fix it. We know we are going to have to purchase another vehicle, but we want to keep this one forever as well. It is such a fun car and it has been paid for for 7 years. It is my baby! This was the weekend for delivering puppies! Brandon was at the clinic until 3:30am Friday, or Saturday, I guess doing a c-section. He got called in again Saturday night and we were there until 2:30am delivering more puppies. Sunday night we saw a hit by a car emergency as well. Very exciting things to see! Between emergency calls Brandon was able to split some wood, clean up the boat, and go deer hunting for a little while over the weekend. This photo pretty much sums all of that up. We have been eating a lot of soups and stews since it has gotten cold. I've made homemade gumbo, chicken noodle soup, and chili. I'm making a homemade cream of broccoli and mushroom cheddar soup when we finish off this chili. As much as I despise cold weather and Old Man Winter, I do love the colors of a winter sunset. I just wish it didn't happen at 5:30 in the evening! I suppose God knows that He should give us something so beautiful as this to remind us that He is still here and that everything is not dead even though it appears that way. "You light up the sky to show me You are with me I can't deny No I can't deny that You are right here with me You've opened my eyes So I can see You all around me Light light light up the sky You light up the sky to show me That You are with me" -The Afters


  1. We thought about going to that game but it was WAY too cold for me!

    Sorry to hear that about your car...I still have my first car and will be sad to see it go whenever that time comes!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. You need to post some of your soup/chili recipes girlie! I could totally use em!

    I'm so sorry about your car :( I have that same emotional attachment to cars, too. I hope ya'll figure out something soon!

  3. Shew you all are always so busy!!! I'm sorry to hear about your car! I hope you have a great week!

  4. I always enjoy reading your posts :)

    High school football is amazing! Can't wait to see what happens in the Championship game!

    Love your sunset pictures...gorgeous

  5. aww!! i love the picture of the puppies! so sweet!!!! LOVE your blog!!! :) i'm certainly gonna be a follower!! :)

  6. aww!! i love the picture of the puppies! so sweet!!!! LOVE your blog!!! :) i'm certainly gonna be a follower!! :)


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