Sanford's Dental

I went to work with Brandon today so that we could give Sanford a dental, clean his ears, trip his nails, and give him a haircut for his Christmas present! I have been dying to clean his teeth, so Brandon let me use the scaler on him. It was so satisfying! Sanford looks and feels much better now :) He even got to recover beside a really cute girl Pug!Brandon and the clinic cat, Mack, are best buds. This cat just loves Brandon to death-the pictures speak for themselves.Brandon only had to work half a day today, so we went to Savannah to do some last minute grocery shopping before his family comes down on Friday night, then we went to have a wonderful low country boil at the Lewis's home. It's almost Christmas!!! :)


  1. What a cute cat!! I love the upside down picture!

  2. I think that'd be so fun, getting to fix up your own pup!


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