Never a Dull Moment!

Just an average evening in the lives of Brandon and Cherish and their animal brood! (yes, I am aware I was just writing in third person. I don't know why I did it-I'm not usually a fan.) Do you see our princess skidaddling across our roof?! Trying desperately to find a way down, I might add! How did she get up there, you ask? She used the firewood in the back of the truck to jump up on the garage roof and walk across the roof of the breezeway onto the roof of the house...she later figured out how to get herself down the same way she got up there, thank goodness! Meanwhile, Brandon and Sanford are busy scoping out fallen limbs and trees for more firewood and checking our tomato plants... Showing off our first tomatoes of the year down here in South GA-apparently they are really hard to grow in this area of our great state, but my farm boy hubby figured out a way to make it work-better late than never!not big like our North GA tomatoes, but still tomatoes just the same! Answering the first emergency call of the night-a horse colic-with tomatoes in hand Checking teeth... Palpating and, well, you can see what is taking place here... Checking for sand in the feces (sand colic) After giving 2 sedation shots and fighting the horse to get the tube in for over an hour, Dr. Brandon was finally able to give the horse some mineral oil to get things moving! Sanford and me studying up on our swine diseases and treatments on the way to the next house callAnd the last call was a sick little pot bellied pig named Fred. You just never know! Ah, what a night!! Never a dull moment around here, I promise! If you are in need of entertainment, please come and visit us! "Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you." Psalm 32:9


  1. Awwww poor sweet cat! poor pig , my heart breaks seeing the animals so sick! but the cat story is just funny thanks for making me laugh on this wet cold rainy morning girl! :) xx

  2. Hahaha aw, poor cat! I'm sure it was totally in panic mode!

  3. I love reading all the daily errands you and your husband have to go on. It seems so interesting. Poor horse!

    You have an award waiting for you on my blog:

  4. Poor baby kitty and POOR HORSE! ouchy! :) So glad that there are people like your hubs that will take care of our animals when they need it most.

  5. Aww the most fun! Amazing adventures.. :) Id love it, I have given you a blog award.. Its just a hop a skip and a jump away.. Check my blog for it..


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