Fall Color & Entertaining Angels in Lyons, GA

I hope y'all are enjoying having some time off before Thanksgiving! I know all the folks who don't have school this week are relishing every minute of it. It has been one thing after the next with us, so I am hoping things will only get better and not worse around here. On the bright side, we have been enjoying gorgeous weather down here! I was hanging up my Christmas garland on Saturday and it was over 80 degrees-I was sweating to say the least! But, I love the warm weather so I'll take all I can get. Just thought I would share some fall photos with y'all-the leaves have just been turning into vibrant colors down here, which I am also loving! we have been playing some Battleship and I admit I am a very sore loser in this game...Last Thursday my dear friend, Mrs. Lynn, took me to Lyons, GA (right next to Vidalia, GA) and we walked around the downtown and went in several really cute consignment and antique shops. It is such a cute little town with so much character.some of the downtown-there are railroad tracks running right through the middle, just like many other small southern townsIf you are in Lyons you must eat lunch at this restaurant called Entertaining Angels. Victor and Sally Wolfe own the restaurant and they are wonderful Christian people. They pay attention to detail and the entire dining experience is fabulous. They were so gracious and kind as they waited our table. For $12 per person you get a three course lunch! Isn't the table setting just beautiful?!mushroom and wild rice soup with a cracklin' biscuitMrs. Lynn had turkey and dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauceI had shrimp scampi over angel hair with ceasar saladFor dessert we both had fudge pie and Mrs. Lynn had pecan pie with hers while I had pumpkin pie with mine-delicious! I love that they let you choose two!! "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing this some have entertained angels without knowing it." Hebrews 13:2


  1. What beautiful fall colors :)

    I student taught in Lyons but never got to walk around down town! Y'alls meals look really yummy!

  2. That food looks so good! I love little small towns like that, with the railroad running right through- I like to imagine what it would've been like back in the day, lol!
    I have GOT to visit some of these places you blog about!

  3. Our leaves, in northern GA, were changing when we went on vacation.
    When we came back it appears more leaves are on the ground than on the trees.
    It has gotten much colder as well.
    Love your fireplace.
    The food sure looks scrumptious!


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