Capitol Christmas Tree and Cousins

It is our family tradition that on Thanksgiving night all of the cousins go to my sister's house in Dahlonega, GA and spend the night while our parents all spend the night at my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Greg's house in Cumming. Well truthfully, our Mamas don't sleep much because they stay out shopping all night! It works out great for everybody. So, no I do not partake in Black Friday. I partake in Cousin Friday. Where was I? Oh yes, we took a Suburban load of cousins with us and my sister took a car load with her. The beautiful faces in our car :) and a handsome little man in the very back :)Our car decided to go to downtown Dahlonega and see the Christmas Tree that was en route to the White House. It was really awesome that a local trucking company was chosen to transport the tree, which is the reason it stopped in Dahlonega for 2 days over Thanksgiving. the truckthe trailer and tree...I stuck my camera up in the side of the trailer and took a picture just to see if the tree was really in there. It sure was!Lucky for the town, everyone got to come out and sign the banners on the sides of the trailer. It was massive! It was so quiet and peaceful and Dahlonega was so beautiful with the town square all decorated for Christmas with lights strung throughout all the trees. That's another post-not kidding. There were quite a few things I wanted to write to our President about on that banner, but law enforcement was keeping a close eye on everything. Brandon was literally the man of the hour! He held every one of us up on his shoulders so we could reach to sign what appeared to be the only vacant space on the entire banner. Courtney was first up to signSarah signing and smiling :)Logan signing the banner-he is so cute I could just eat him up! He is 10 years old!This was the most hilarious picture of the night-we laughed so hard because Anna was evidently trying to climb on to his head-she missed the shoulder memo, I guess. Anyways, this picture truly is worth a thousand words and laughs. You had to be there. She did get it figured out, though, and more importantly, she got her name on the banner!Me signing...Of course when I finished signing, he started galloping around the street with me and I was holding on for dear life!Bless his heart he finally got to sign the darn thing himself!In the sleigh on the square :)We got plenty of good laughs out of the experience! After that we headed over to my sister's, put on our pjs, snacked, laughed, hung out, laughed some more, watched Pocahontas, and everyone passed out where ever they could get a spot! Sanford with cousin Molly's Rafiki hehe :) He kept laying his head on it. Logan and Josh on the sofa in the office. Brad still watching movies on the computer. Josh ended up in the guest room with a twin size bed and Logan ended up in the other guest room with me and Brandon and Sanford. Brad slept on the office sofa.Anna on the living room sofa...she started off in the king bed with the rest of us girls but ventured to the sofaBrandon and Sanford in the queen bed guest roomAll of us girls in Tiffany's king bed...I ended up going to the bed with Brandon so I could have more room. We played musical beds and sofas. I know I say it over and over, but I really do love my family more than anything. I love spending time with my sister and my cousins and I love that we are all so close. I hope we will always be this close no matter what. I wouldn't take a million dollars for these times we get to share, just us. I am the oldest, the "Mother Hen" as they all call me, but I would do anything for any one of them anytime of day or night. "Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children". Proverbs 17:6


  1. What fun pictures! Glad y'all had a great time!

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved this post! I can totally feel how much your family means to you through it.

    You had me cracking up when he galloped around with you on his shoulders- Jason makes me get on his shoulders in the pool because he knows I'm afraid of heights (even in a pool, I know, it's bad), but I squeeze his neck and head so hard, that I can't even hear him scream for me to let go, all I hear is him choking, haha, it scares the daylights out of me!

  3. I Love You Cherish, you make life so great!!!!!! I really wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, come to Athens one weekend when Brandon is working and maybe I can go eat with you and Holly. I know she would love that and I want to see the movie, "Morning Glory". Tell Brandon hello!!!

  4. oh i love the picture of Anna climbing on Brandon's head!! So funny!! That picture is priceless!

    Ok, i'll stop with the comments!! This is only like my 3rd one!!


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