Our Favorite Go To Meals

Yep, Go To, not To Go. We don't do fast food around here unless it's Chick-fil-A, and since the nearest one is 35 minutes away, we rarely get to do that! Here are a few of the meals we make for supper very frequently. They are all healthy and easy and delicious! I promise it doesn't take longer than 30 min. to make these meals, except the soup-it takes more time to prep! We eat a salad every single night with lots of fresh veggies. Sometimes I just crave a huge salad! Steak Tacos on whole wheat tortillas with fresh salsa, lettuce, and sour cream (we use a flank steak) Homemade pizza on whole wheat dough with fresh mushrooms Homemade stuffed manicotti with feta, cream cheese, italian shredded cheese, mushrooms, and sour cream Homemade Chicken Parmesan Sorry about the poor picture quality of the Chicken Parm. serving. As you can see we had it with salad and whole wheat rotini with a parma rosa cheese sauce! Yum!Homemade chicken noodle soup with whole wheat noodles, fresh celery and carrots with grilled cheese sandwiches And, every once in a while we get to go out to eat :) I guess Brandon was too preoccupied with his meal to look at the camera... And how many of you SEC football fans watched this last night?!Look at these two sweet tuckered out little boys-aren't they precious?! This house is so excited about football season! We'll be here in Sanford Stadium on Saturday cheering on the Dawgs as they host Louisiana Lafayette! Have a Happy Labor Day/3 Day Weekend, Y'all!! xoxoxo


  1. I need to come eat at y'alls house :)

    That picture of your dog and cat is just TOO cute!

    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Mmmm I love home made pizza!!! Have a lovely weekend, cute blog!

  3. I just found your blog and it's so cute! You're seriously making my mouth water! All of those meals look so delicious!

    I hope you're enjoying your long weekend!

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