End of Summer Fashion & Reading

Yay, I got to go to TJ Maxx & Hobby Lobby the other night :) Hubby and I had a little date night to Statesboro and ate at a mexican restaurant there that was recommended to us. Unfortunately, we did not like it and will not be going back. We miss La Parilla in Athens!!! Back to TJ Maxx, I found 2 Calvin Klein dresses marked waayy down and they were even in my size!! This never happens with CK dresses. BTW, I love CK dresses because the fit me better than any other brand and I love the quality of the construction (OK, that was my inner Fashion Merchandising major self coming out). I think it's so funny how so many bloggers are constantly blogging about fashion when that's what I majored in in college and I rarely ever blog about it...I think many people think it's such a glamorous lifestyle, but I can assure you it's not!!!! When you start studying numerous court cases on child labor, advertising, etc. it will make you sick and frankly it can make you not want to keep up with the latest and greatest. And stop fooling yourselves, because it's some of the biggest names out there that abuse their privileges. It is a fast paced, cut throat industry. I suppose I'm tainted. But, nonetheless, I do love clothing and dressing classy!! I just love this precious linen fully lined dress!! And it was in a size 4 and only $15.00!!! This is not a good picture to show the detail of this fabulous brown dress-I'll have to take another one when I wear it. It's a great dress for the fall! And they had it in a size 2 for only $10.00!! Ladies you can't get a dress at Walmart for these prices!! This purple silk top was not on sale, but it was so darling when I tried it on that I had to get it!This book was actually published in 2005, but I just found out about for some reason. It's absolutely hilarious and so true!! I highly recommend this book. It's especially great for SAHMs. I felt as though this woman crawled into my head and typed out so many of the things I have thought in my head and wanted to scream out. I loved it!! I admit that I am a little obsessed with the Tuohy family and the whole Blindside story. I am also a little obsessed with community involvement and "bridging the gaps," so I got this book as soon as it came out and I read the whole thing in 2 days and didn't want it to be over. I love the way this book gives more background on the Tuohy's and how it challenges each one of us to make a difference. I am so thrilled about the publicity this family has gotten for doing such amazing things, especially during times like these... Ok...I have put off reading this book for years, so the only reason I am reading it now is so I can go and see the movie. I am currently halfway finished with the book and I will admit that I am not impressed. This is basically one woman's journal...and it got published?!? Wow, maybe I should keep a journal. I am aggravated at how this woman seems so needy and desperate and so selfish throughout all that I have read so far. Not once has she mentioned helping others and trying to view her "perfect" situation in a different light. What message is she sending out here? That it's ok to simply quit your marriage and your life, get another boyfriend immediately whom you are addicted to having sex with and you cry on the floor like a baby when he doesn't give it to you, and haul off to 3 foreign countries for a year to "find yourself"...maybe I missed something. Did I mention this was all in the midst of the terrorist attacks of 9/11? Oh, and if she bashes George Bush once more I may just burn the book. I'd already like a refund on it. But, I am no quitter, so I will finish the book. I appreciate the fact that she is trying to deepen her spirituality and relationship with God, yet she doesn't believe in salvation and she is constantly focused on herself rather than others, which is so not what Jesus would do... Maybe the mood changes in the book and I'll have a change of heart towards Elizabeth Gilbert...it seems like I got on my soapbox today. Well, I guess I am allowed to every once in a while ;) I guess this was definitely not a "Wordless Wednesday" for me hehe. Happy Hump Day!


  1. i never got into the eat,pray,love craze....i'm glad to know i'm not missing too much. your dresses are adorable, but so are you! hope you are having a blessed week lady! xoxo

  2. I love you blog!! Just came across it!!

    Hope youre having a great week!

  3. Yikes... on the Eat Pray Love comment! I had heard mixed reviews, but now I don't even think I want to read it! Maybe the movie will be better!? We can only hope :) Love your dresses!

  4. Hey girlie, I have not been by in a bit but I am so glad you posted these book recommendations - I am almost ready for some new reading!!! Congrats on some great finds.


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