Fried Chicken, Biscuits & Gravy, & Tomato Cobbler

A meal like this does require you to spend several hours in the kitchen, but sometimes it's just so worth it! Disclaimer: I am one of those girls who rarely measures when she cooks-I know, shame on me, but it works for me most of the time. Once you get used to making certain dishes you just don't need to. Here is my biscuit dough-I use flour, buttermilk, and lard.
I'm not exactly sure on my measurements because I was taught to make biscuits by "eyeballing."
That's not uncommon here in the South, so I apologize for that, but the White Lilly flour bag has a fantastic biscuit recipe, so I would start with that if you don't have your own.
You can see I used a mason jar lid as my biscuit cutter :) Hey-whatever works! For the tomato cobbler I peeled, sliced and drained enough tomatoes to make 2 layers in the bottom of my baking dish, which I sprayed with nonstick spray. I also drain the tomatoes and save the juice for later. Then I salt and pepper the tomatoes.
I probably used between 4-6 large tomatoes.
Don't fret-you can't mess this part up.
Just make sure you have enough to make 2 layers of tomatoes on whatever size casserole dish you are using.
  I shred cheddar cheese (1.5 cups) and mix it with sour cream (3/4 Cup), Tabasco (2 TBS), tomato juice (1/4 cup), salt & pepper-very similar to making homemade pimiento cheese.
 I spread the cheese mixture on top of the tomatoes and then layer cheddar cheese (I used Sargento slices).
Please, please, please do not use a pasturized cheese product or something like Kraft singles.
It will seriously ruin this dish.
Use the real deal brand-it makes all the difference!
 The sliced cheese layer is very important because it keeps the biscuits from getting soggy!
Then I top it off with the biscuit dough.
  Bake at 450 for about 20 min., or until the biscuits are done.

I marinate my chicken for at least 3-4 hrs. in a mix of buttermilk, Tabasco, salt & pepper, and an egg. I put flour, salt & pepper, and other seasonings in a large paper bag, then I put the chicken in the bag and shake it up 3 pieces at a time to get a good coating on the chicken. This isn't the best picture, but your chicken should be fully coated in the flour mixture. Make sure you have preheated your frying pan with peanut oil 1/2 in. deep to 350 degrees before gently laying your chicken in the pan. Fry about 5-6 min. on each side. Turn only once. This is what the finished product looked like! I though I had taken more pictures along the way, but I guess I didn't. It's hard to stop and clean your hands long enough to photograph when there are so many things going on. I was also in the middle of making gravy as well as peach cobbler, too, and I have no pictures :(. I guess I'll just have to make it again. Wish you were here to eat with us!


  1. I wish I was there eating with you too!!! That tomato cobbler could be the most sinful looking dish EVER. My mama would love that! She will stand and eat a whole fresh tomato by herself, lol. You should send that recipe to Paula Deen!!

    I'm going to try that and let you know how it turns out!

  2. Yum, I'll have to use these recipes soon!

  3. YUM! I never could get the lard, water, flour recipe just right so I found another one works perfectly for me: 2 c. Bisquick, 1/2 c. sour cream, 1/2 c. Sprite, dash of baking powder and a dash of salt. I love it!

  4. Oh my, DEE-lish! That cobbler looks unreal!

  5. going to have to try the cobbler for SURE!!!!

    1. I hope you will and that they turn out to your liking! :) Have very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Was going to try this, and realized there was no measurement for pimentos? what is the amount of pimentos used?

  7. Yummy Cherish! I'm gonna try the tomato cobbler for my family Thanksgiving meal!


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