World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party...?

I suppose this would be all the more reason for me to love going to Jacksonville for the GA-FLA game each year if I were a drinker. Seeing as how I am not, I would call it "World's Largest College Football Freak Show." I am here to tell you that there is nothing like a Florida fan. Everything about them is just...there isn't an appropriate word. Their clothes, mouths, attitude, demeanor and overall appearance is absolutely breathtaking. You can take that to mean whatever, but I don't mean in a pleasing manner. I do apologize for getting sidetracked on the FLA fan base. Each year they shock me even more than the previous year and it baffles me. Elaine and I got up and left Athens around 4:15 AM on Saturday-gameday and I drove us down to St. Augustine to meet up with the Pinson's. After freshening up we headed up to JAX for tailgating and the game. Our views of JAX from the stadium were incredible. Elaine and I had a great time together and were very thankful for our wonderful hosts for the weekend. Aside from the typical outcome of the game, going to JAX for the game is such a blast. Notice I am choosing not to discuss any details of the game. A sign we passed by on the way back to Athens on Sunday said it all.

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