UGA vs. USC (as in S. Carolina NOT Southern Cal)

First game day of the season in Athens, Georgia and the town is buzzing! I could tell it was the "first Friday" in Athens yesterday when I was out and about taking Landon to a playdate and picking Lilly up from preschool. Out-of-towners were already cruising the cramped streets waving Georgia Dawg flags with magnets plastered all over their vehicles. It was cool and felt like fall. Ahh, football season is officially back! This year I am President of SCAVMA Auxiliary (the organization for spouses and significant others to veterinary students) and we had a very successful first meeting of the year last night. We cooked out and I got to know all of the new members and their little ones, so I am very excited about this year's events! For all of you who witnessed ESPN's Lee Corso stating that the UGA vs. USC game was going to be "BORING-with no offense, low scores and a 3 point difference"...let's just say he's eating crow. That game was anything but boring. It was downright exciting and turned into quite the nailbiter at times! Luckily the Dawgs pulled it off and gave Steve Spurrier yet another reason to throw his visor onto the ground and stomp on it. It was one of the longest games I've ever sat through, but it was well worth it. No one left early, that was for sure! We went to church yesterday morning, then Brandon was "on call" until 11 last night. But, being on call means having to go up to the school and sit there and wait on an emergency. He certainly didn't have to wait for any emergencies-they were slammed! He didn't get home until almost 1 this morning. He had to be back at school at 6 AM to finish up the paperwork on the cases. Hopefully it won't always be like this :(

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