Rocky Top Remption

Well, we all saw it coming, the downfall of the Volunteers. But, it is ok. We have had the last two victories, and Georgia is a better team than the Vols this year. The weekend was a blast getting to catch up with our siblings! Friday evening Brandon's parents and brother, Russell, and my sister and her husband came down to our home in Athens. We went out to dinner at our favorite local Italian restaurant, DePalma's and had wonderful fellowship. I made a mixed berry swirl cheesecake per Russell's request, so we had plenty of dessert once we got back to the house. We only have one guest bedroom, so we put an extra mattress down in our bedroom floor for Tiff and Brad. We stayed up until about 2AM laughing and story telling just like old times. Who says you have to grow up?
Brandon's mom got up and made everyone homemade waffles on Saturday morning before we went out to campus to tailgate. Tailgating was relaxing, entertaining, and full of delicious food like always. Tiff, Brad, and I sat in the student section during the game and the other 4 sat in the season ticket seats. The student section was much much better this game for some reason. After the game we piled back into the Suburban and cam back to our house and had BBQ for supper. Tiff and Brad headed home to Dahlonega and the in-laws and Russell stayed another night. We are so so so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spend time with our sisters and brothers. We miss them a ton already and are looking forward to seeing them again very soon, we hope!! Go Vols and Go Dawgs!!!! The good news is we're still happily married ;)
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