So In Love...

Can Brandon and I just say that we are so immensely in love with our church?!!! Just for those of you who don't know, we began attending North Point Community Church when we began dating, in fact our second date was to a service there in December of 2004. Being raised Southern Baptist, I admit I was a bit skeptical and shocked when we got there. (PS-thanks to Brandon's brother, Russell, for inviting us) Literally thousands of people in a building that doesn't even remotely resemble a church who began the service by singing to the tops of their lungs to music being played by a band. This was a far cry from the little gospel choir that sings at my little Baptist church, which I still love very much.
Then the pastor, Andy Stanley preached a sermon that absolutely captured every ounce of my being like nothing else had ever done before. I was so captivated that I was thinking about the sermon so often throughout the next week that I couldn't wait until the next time I got to go back. Everything went from there. I have learned more in the past few years than I have in my entire life about God and His desires for us. We joined a small group for couples during our engagement. Thanks to all of the wonderful members of that group we learned a tremendous amount about marriage. We can not thank you all enough for being such wonderful mentors to us during that time. Needless to say we attended North Point until July of 2006. We got married and Brandon got accepted to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine for fall 2006. We were very upset at the thought of not attending North Point any longer.
But, God is GREAT and he provided Athens Church, which is a satellite campus of North Point. Services were held exactly one and a half miles from our new home. Over the past year we have watched the church grow and prosper. We moved to a larger location, the Classic Center, in Downtown Athens to accommodate all needs. It is unbelievable how many times the numbers have doubled, tripled, quadrupled, etc. Brandon and I volunteer in the nursery, Waumba Land, two Sundays a month. We lead a one year old class and the entire experience has truly been amazing.

Now when we come home to visit we can still attend the North Point or Browns Bridge campuses. We have the best of both worlds and we still get to hear Andy's sermons every Sunday. I say it a lot, but God truly is Great! Our prayer is that everyone could experience this same love for their church. It is so important for our spiritual growth. It seems every week we hear about a different person who says how much this church has changed their lives.

Yesterday we heard about a man in Athens who was so excited to bring his family on Sundays and tell everyone how much it has changed everything about his family-even the way he runs his business. The man was 46 years old and said he hadn't been to church since he was 16. For the past year he and his family have been attending Athens Church and have fallen in love all over again. WOW! We are so in love with our church. Here are some pics of us in Waumba Land.

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