SEC Championship

On Saturday my dad and I went to the Georgia Dome to watch the SEC Championship between LSU and Tennessee. We were in high hopes that Tennessee would finish with a win, but that was not the case. Other than that the entire day was a blast! We went to Fan Fare before the game where I got to meet Willie Gault and Tee Martin (both played at UT). I was especially excited to meet Tee Martin because he was one of my favorite players and he was on the National Championship team in 1998 when Tennessee defeated Florida State. I watch him on College Sports South religiously-he's one of the only sports announcers I agree with. I also got to meet other football legends from other SEC schools, which was also neat. Dad and I had amazing seats and it was great to get to spend the day together. We don't get to do that often. I was a little girl the last time we were at a Tennessee game together, which was played in Knoxville against Memphis. It was great to relive that experience again with him. After all, it was him who instilled such a profound love for the University of Tennessee and its football program in me. Even though we lost, I wouldn't trade that day for anything in the world. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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