Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving was very busy this year, as always. We do not complain about the number of places we have to be because we feel so blessed to have so many loving family members to visit. I was terrible and I did not take pictures at all of the place we went. I am not happy with my digital camera right now, so I have not been as inclined to use it. On Wednesday we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Pinson's. On Thursday we celebrated at my Nana's house, then at Brandon's Mimi and Papa's house that evening. On Friday I had to choose between going shopping with my Mom, Nana, and my aunts or with Brandon's Mom, Mimi, and aunt. I chose the latter because we had to be at my Dad and Stepmom's for Thanksgiving dinner on Friday evening. I had a blast shopping, though-surprise! We had to miss Thanksgiving at my Papa's because it was at the same time as my Dad's, but that's ok. We do the best we can to see everyone! It was so nice to see the whole family, and now we are much more anxious for Christmas break to get here so we can be with them all again. We are SO incredibly blessed to have such a huge family to share love and thanks with. We have so many things to be thankful for. Well, Saturday was a good day for the Vols and the Dawgs. My Dad and I are going to the SEC Championship on Saturday to cheer on our VOLS! I cannot wait!!

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