One More Week...

Next week is fall break-and we're going to Jacksonville to watch the Dawgs take on the Gators. We get out of school Thurs. and Fri. Thank the Lord...it will be a much needed break for all of us!! Brandon has 3 finals next week and then he will be on elective period! Yay! He had 3 finals this week, so he is a bit tired of it all. I have had quite a few tests myself . I am glad that the Dawgs are off this weekend because we need a break! We are going to be utilizing every ounce of time for studying. Of course I will be watching the Tennessee vs. Alabama game like the old faithful I am :). Tonight we are cooking out and watching movies at Andrew's house with some close friends from the Christian Veterinary Fellowship group so it will be fun. Of course Brandon is manning the grill. Sorry don't have more interesting news to report: tests=no lives! Oh, we did have some rain this morning and I was very grateful for it! It was so nice to wake up to that sound-I almost didn't recognize it. Sad. Also, I'm trying to figure out what I should be for Halloween. Any suggestions?!

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