A Blonde Moment

So today I did a presentation on Fashion Designers Stella McCartney and Alberta Ferretti, and I made a 100! Can you believe it? I really needed that if you get my drift. Hey, college is not easy! This week has been so stressful. Between tests, a presentation, assignments due, 3 meetings, working part time and an interview with Neiman Marcus I have had just about all I can take! But, I survived after all even though I contemplated strolling out onto Sanford Drive and lying down to become the next speed bump for a UGA bus...yes, there were times when I felt like I just couldn't go another second. Thank goodness prayer got me through :).

Now for the blonde moment! I am in a class called Housing and consumer Economics this semester. There are numerous student athletes (mainly football players) in this class. On the very first day I ended up talking with this one guy on the way out of the classroom. I noticed he had on a backpack that had the embroidered "G" logo with the words "Student Athlete" underneath the logo. I really didn't think much more of it. After all, I am a Tennessee fan. He proceeeded to introduce himself as what I understood to be "Shawn", and I introduced myself. Since then we have talked almost every single Tuesday and Thursday after class. Well, today he approached me, as usual, except this time instead of "hey" it was "hey girl, how come you ain't looked me up on Facebook yet?" A bit stunned, I said well, what is your last name since I know your first name. He said what I understood to be "Marino." I replied, "Marino, I think I can remember that-like Dan, but not..ha ha." He gave me a funny look and smiled anyways. (This person is always smiling and seems to be in a really good mood most of the time-different from most athletes.) Well, I know there are only 2 "Shawns" on the football team here at UGA and I knew he wasn't either one. So I go to georgiadogs.com and click on the football roster. As I'm scrolling through the names I see it, there it is....."Knowshon Moreno" Oh my goodness...he's a redshirt freshman running back from N.J. and he is pretty darn good to be honest. He played in every game this season. I have been talking to this guy all semester, and I'm sure he thinks I'm an idiot now-hence the funny look on his face when I asked him his last name. So, I feel totally stupid now and I think it's official, I have my blonde moments!! The pic is of Kregg Lumpkin, who made my schedule for me and Knowshon-both are runningbacks...ironic.

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